Reading Room

I’m lying on my chaise lounge in my reading room, tucked under my super soft blanket, when I hear the garage door open and your car pull in. I give it a few moments before I let the cloud soft blanket slip from my body and pool softly below me, my naked body left in the cool air for you to see on your way in from the garage.

I hear the garage door open and then your hard-soled shoes clicking on the hardwood. I listen as you make your usual route through the house. Your keys hit the crystal bowl on the table by the garage door. I envision you loosening your tie as you make your way down the hall on the way to the kitchen. Before you make it to the kitchen, you will pass the glass doors of my reading room. Your steps are drawing closer and I tingle with excitement. What mood will you be in? Fun and playful or stressed and aggressive? My nipples harden at the anticipation.

I hear your steps and then I see you. You give a glance towards my room as you are passing before your feet stop and your head whips back around. You’ve seen me! You take a couple of steps back so that you are standing in front of one of the glass doors and you take me in. Your eyes move from my feet, over my legs, up my thighs, linger at the tiny triangle of hair before moving up to my huge breasts, my lips and finally my eyes. In your eyes I see that you are stressed, you’ve had a long day. I hate that work stresses you but being your stress reliever is one of my favorite things!

I slip from the chaise lounge to my knees onto the chilly hardwood floor. You open the glass door to my room and move until you are standing directly in front of me. Your cock already hard and pressing against your buttery slacks. I move to unzip you and you slap my hands away, unzipping yourself and freeing your cock in one smooth motion. Before I can blink, you grab the back of my head and push my face into your ready shaft.

My mouth opens quickly to take you. I open wider to try and take more of you. You must’ve had an extremely stressful day because you are extra rough today. Just how I like it! Your hips piston, forcing your rock-hard cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and then my throat. I start to gag and try to pull away, but you hold my head in place, forcing me to take you. You pound into my throat as I gag, only stopping when I feel like I’m going to lose it. You pull out and step back as I drag air into my lungs, sucking it in hard and fast.

Just as I get my breathing together, you pull me up by my ponytail, spin me around so that I’m bending over the chaise lounge, my pussy and ass up and waiting for you to choose your pleasure. I know your choice when you slam balls deep into my pussy. I gasp and then hold on for the ride as you pound into me, you cock going deep as your balls slap into me with each of your thrusts. Your thrusts are so powerful that the lounge is moving across the room as you plunge into me harder and faster.

In a flash you pull out and push me onto the lounge and move on top of me. Your wanting cock finds my soaking wet pussy and is again hard and deep inside. You bite my neck and then my nipples as you fuck me. I squeeze your ass, pushing your deeper into me. I love your body between my thighs, your mouth all over me. You thrust again, and my body starts to shake. You suck my nipples harder, pushing me over the edge and I cum hard and loud. My body is still quaking when you start to cum. You increase your speed, trying to outrun your orgasm but it catches you. You moan your pleasure as your body tenses and then releases inside of me. You are still inside of me when you collapse onto me, your ragged breath in my ear as you let your pleasure wash through you, relaxing you.

When your breathing has slowed you kiss me, slow and easy, first on my lips, then my neck where you bit me and then my breasts. You slip from inside of me as you pull yourself off of me and to standing. You reach out your hand and I take it, allowing you to pull me up to standing with you. You slap me on the ass and hug me from behind as we walk from the room. All of your stress gone as we head for the shower. Welcome home baby!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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