Kitchen sink

My kitchen sink has had this slow drip for about two weeks now. I’ve been calling and emailing my apartments office managers every single day complaining and begging for a maintenance tech to come fix it. Begging! And nothing! They keep telling me someone will be by soon but everyday no one shows up. Until today.

It’s Saturday morning so I’m home cleaning in a pair of tiny shorts and a little tank top. You know your favorite cleaning outfit, its super comfy and perfect for all of the reaching and bending you need to do! I’m elbow deep in soapy water cleaning last nights dinner party dishes when the doorbell rings. I throw off my soapy gloves, dry my hands and pad to the door in my fuzzy socks.

I peek out of the peephole in the door and see its one of the apartment maintenance guys. Seriously, now they want to show up?!?!? I throw the door open and greet him, the cool air from outside instantly stiffening my nipples making them rock hard under the flimsy fabric of my tank top. 

His eyes are glued to my tits as he explains that he is here to fix my kitchen sink. I welcome him in, closing the door behind him as he makes his way to my kitchen. I follow him down the hall and into the kitchen, watching as he starts to take a look at the sink. He turns to ask me what’s been going on with the sink, his eye still focused solely on my huge tits. 

With a smirk on my face, I let my hand trace down my neck and over one of my full tits. I let my fingertip linger on my nipple as I explain the leaking faucet issue that my kitchen sink is currently experiencing. I think he has stopped listening and breathing! lol! His eyes widen as I squeeze my nipple and ask him if he can help me. His eyes finally find mine as I repeat my question. I ask again if he can help me … with my sink! lol!

He audibly swallows as his cock strains against his work pants. He’s so hard that I can clearly see his huge cock pressed against his pants, begging to be freed! I love it! He gives himself a little shake and lets me know he can indeed help me with my sink and anything else that I may need.

I kneels down to his tool box, his face looking ever so uncomfortable as he bends under my sink. I guess that huge hard on is making it hard to both focus and work! He tinkers a bit as I lean against the table in the kitchen, texting and checking emails. I feel his eyes on my ass as I bend over, giving him a little show. 

I straighten and turn to ask him how the sink repair is going and he says that its a quickie. Or rather a quick fix he meant to say. Oooopsie! Sounds like he has something on his mind! He quickly replaces my faucet and shows me that its indeed fixed. He packs up his tools and stands there. I ask him if there’s anything I need to sign. He hands me a work order and I step close to him to take his little device to sign my name. I hand him back his device and let my fingers trail down the front of his shirt all the way down until I’m just above that bulge in his pants. I watch his face as he closes his eyes, his hips swaying upwards to meet my fingers, his groin begging to be touched!

I move my hand away and thank him for coming by so quickly! His eyes pop open with surprise! He just knew I was about to touch his cock. He was already envisioning my full lips wrapped around it. Sucking him, licking him. I giggle a little as I watch his horny frustration dance across his face. 

I turn and again thank him for coming and call over my shoulder that I’ll get the door for him. I hear him grab his tool box and head down the hall behind me. When he gets to the entryway,  I look at his still bulging crotch and ask him if there is anything else he wants to show me before he leaves. Without hesitation, he drops his tools and has his pants unbuckled, unzipped and around his ankles in a flash!

It’s huge! It’s so big that his big meaty hand won’t fit all the way around it. It’s now my turn to stare. He starts stroking it. Long strokes all the way down the shaft and back up again. He moves to me, spins me around, bends me over and yanks my short down in one smooth move. He puts the tip at my dripping wet opening and pushes. I gasp! He is so big that with that first hard thrust he hasn’t gotten inside of me beyond the tip. His hands grip my hips and he thrusts again. My hands brace against the wall as he repeatedly thrusts his monster cock into me, pushing deeper inside of me inch by inch.

His breath is ragged as he thrusts into me, moving deeper inside with each hard thrust. I don’t know if I can take anymore! He’s not even half way in and my body is already quaking my orgasm. I slips out of me and puts me on the floor, my legs spread wide as he puts my legs in the crooks of his elbows. I’m wide open for him now and he knows it! He comes down hard! My slippery pussy letting him in to almost balls deep. My back arches as he pulls back and slams down again this time finding his mark. He’s all the way inside of me and I cum hard..

He doesn’t wait for me to have my moment though. He pounds every inch of that huge cock into me. His hips slamming into mine harder and faster with each thrust, all I can do is hold on for the ride. I’m so wet that its pure pleasure now as he fucks me harder and faster.

His lips find my neck as his hands reach under my ass and lift me up just a bit, allowing him deeper access into me. I scream with pleasure as he pistons into me, never pausing for a moment. I’m cumming again when he bites my neck and releases deep inside of me. He fills me to overflowing as he stroke slows before coming to a stop. He’s panting above me, his cock softening inside of me before he pulls out. 

He stands and then helps me to my feet. He pulls himself together, I don’t bother to put my shorts back on. He tells me that he will be back again next Saturday to check on my sink again. I’m opening my door and letting him know next Saturday is perfect when I see my across the hall neighbor. I the noise from out little fuck session could be heard in the hall because my neighbor is standing in front of his door, his dick clearly hard in his basketball shorts. 

The technician gives my neighbor a smirk as his leaves. I’m standing in my doorway, still without any shorts on, as I give my neighbor a little wave and compliment his basketball shorts. He palms his cock and lets me know he wouldn’t mind coming over for a bit. I give it a second and widen my door and invite him in, for just a second!

He sprints across the hall and has me pinned against the front door so fast! My back is against the open front door as he drops his shorts, lifts me up and sits me on his throbbing cock. I’m suspended in the air with my back against my open front door! Anyone could see us and that makes me so wet!

He isn’t as big as the maintenance technician but he will do. He fucks me against the wall hard and fast. This is a hot and fast dirty fuck! I love it! He’s pounding into me when the neighbor from down the hall appears. He’s pretty hot but has a girlfriend so he’s never flirted. He stops and watches though! His eyes riveted to us as my neighbor pounds my dripping wet pussy. 

I know the neighbor down the hall wont join in but he doesn’t hesitate to jerk himself off. He whips out his cock and goes to town. The neighbor fucking me gets hype with our audience and fucks me faster.  He too is a biter and bites my lip as he pounds his load deep into my throbbing pussy. Our down the hall neighbor joins in and paints the hallway with his pleasure.

The neighbor drops my wobbly legs and holds onto me until I get my balance. He tugs his shorts back on and heads back across the hall, saying hey to the down the hall neighbor as he goes. He too, puts his cock away as he stares at me.

I blow them both a kiss as I close my door and head to the shower. I love Saturdays! I can’t wait to see what next Saturday will be like

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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