Night Cap

We tumble through my front door in a cloud of giggles and drunken delight. We kick off our heels, grab a drink from the bar and fall into the lush cushions of my oversized couch. It’s so big and plush that you just sink into it! It’s like a bed in the living room! We put our drinks down and snuggle in deeper into the couch. The minute I lean back she runs her hand up my exposed thigh until her fingers trace the outline of my panties.
I’ve been wanting her to touch me all night and so I waste no time in shimmying down and spreading my thighs so her fingers can continue their exploration of the warmth between my thighs.
Her fingers dance around my panties, teasing me as my lips find hers. I suck her bottom lip, pulling a groan of pleasure from deep in her throat. I grind my hips into her hands as she continues to stroke my pussy through my soaking wet panties. I want her so bad right now.
She moves and slips my panties over my hips and off, throwing them across the room. She grins at me before her head dips between my thighs, her tongue teasing my clit. My back arches as she licks and sucks my clit, my thighs instantly shaking with orgasm as she expertly works my body.
Her hands squeeze my huge, juicy tits as her tongue plays my clit like a fiddle. I grab her head and push her face deeper as I cum again. My whole body is quaking with orgasm. She’s amazing!
When I release her head, she stands and pulls her skirt and panties off. Next, she quickly takes her top and bra off, her tits swinging and calling me to suck them. She climbs back onto the couch and positions herself over me so that our pussies are touching. She starts to ride me, clit to clit, her tits bouncing as he grinds into me.
We are both so wet that we slip and slide on each other. Her pace intensifies as she gets closer. She grinds into my pussy harder and faster as she gasps for air, her focus only on that waiting orgasm. I squeeze her nipple and that sends her over the edge. She cums long and loud, her body tensing as she orgasms.
She melts like butter as she falls to the side, satiated and spent. I climb onto her face and squat there as she sucks my clit until I orgasm. I explode all over her face and she greedily licks me until I’m clean.
I slip from the couch and get us each a hot towel to clean ourselves before we snuggle in under the blanket and drift off to sleep, my hands cupping her big titties.
Sweet dreams!
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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