What are you doing?

Monday October 29, 2018
Hey love! What are you doing? I’m doing something naughty. Want to know what naughty little thing I’m doing?
I’m missing the feeling of you inside of my tight little asshole. I miss the feeling of you pressing the tip of your cock into me and pressing until you are fully inside of me. Pressing deep until you are balls deep in my tight hole. Don’t you miss that baby?
Since I can’t see you today I have to I have to pleasure myself. Want to know how I’m pleasuring myself baby? I pull my silky panties down and off so I’m lying in bed naked thinking about you. I have my thick butt plug lubed up and ready to go deep inside where you should be.
I put it at my opening and press, feeling it slowly start to slip inside of me, stretching me out as it moves deeper and deeper inside of me. I gasp as I give one hard push and get the entire plug inside of me. It’s so thick, it’s the perfect stand in for you!
I close my eyes and move the plug slowly out and back in, allowing my ass to adjust to the girth of the plug. I’m on my back, my hips rocking in time with my hand moving the plug in and out of my ass, the memory of your lips on my nipples dancing through my mind.
My hand moves faster as my other hand tickles my clit. The plug is flying in and out at a frantic pace as I get closer to orgasm. It’s so good baby! My plug is so good inside of my ass. Its so thick and hard just like you. Mmmmmm… I can’t hold back any longer.
My back arches and a pinch my nipple, taking me over the edge. My orgasm rips through my body, thighs shaking with pleasure. My thighs fall open as I relax back into my pillow, letting the softness of my bed cradle me back to sleep, my plug still inside of me, my ass throbbing around it as my eyes slowly close.
I can’t wait to see you baby!
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

2 thoughts on “What are you doing?

  1. In general I am passionately fond of female beauty in entirety but for me, there is nothing more sexier than the shape of a female ass. Even when completely dressed, I am turned on by the female booty. Not that I have anything against entering a pussy but when offered a choice, I would any day want to penetrate the back-door!

    Your naughty, delicious day-dream gave me immense hard-on while imagining you dreaming of a man fucking you anally while you played with the butt-plug. I have anally stimulated myself (yes, men do get pleasure back there and no, that does not mean one is gay) with my finger. I would like to try a butt-plug some day.

    I have some anal sex fantasies/stories on my blog – https://hotsecretdiary.blogspot.com, that you may want to visit and check out though am not as good as you are with words.

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    1. I love to hear that my blog turned you on! Love it! Of course men get pleasure when being anally stimulated! That area is a definite pleasure zone for men! I love when men share their naughty experiences with me! Thank you for sharing! Smooches!

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