Apartment Maintenance Technicians

I’ve been waiting for my apartments maintenance department to come fix the faucet in my bathroom for WEEKS now! Today is finally the day! No more dripping faucet noise grating on my nerves!

The repeated ringing of my doorbell wakes me from a deep sleep early this morning. I pull myself from my warm, comfortable bed. The covers slipping over my naked body, exposing me to the chilly air of the room. My nipples instantly harden from the coolness. I slip on a pair of short, shorts and my favorite cotton tee. I’ve had this shirt forever! You know that worn in cotton feel that’s so soft against your skin? That’s this shirt! Its soft and very see through!

I sleepily make my way to the door, calling out that I’m on my way as the door bell ringing has been replaced with knocking. I pull the door open without checking to see who it is first and am greeted by two of my apartments maintenance technicians. They introduce themselves and explain that they are here for the faucet repair, their eyes glued to my huge tits which are clearly on display in my sheer top.

I welcome them in and lead them to my master bathroom to the leaky faucet. I feel their eyes on my ass as I move through my apartment and through my bedroom. I wonder if they are looking at my inviting bed and thinking about all of the naughty things that can happen with the three of us!

I point them to the bathroom as I take a seat on the small couch in my bedroom. They disappear into the bathroom and slightly close the door behind them making it possible to hear their conversation as they get to work on the faucet. I catch little bits of conversation about the sink, the repair and how they would love to pull my top off! I love it!

They tinker a bit, leaving a couple of times for a few parts and tools from their repair truck. I’m bending over, plugging in my charger when someone behind me clears his throat. I stand and turn to find one of the technicians standing in the open bathroom door, wrench in hand and work pants fully tented at his crotch.

I let my eyes linger on his bulging crotch before I meet his hungry eyes and ask if there is something I can do for him. He swallows loudly, wipes his sweaty brow and tells me that the sink is fixed if I want to give it a try. Of course  I want to try it!

I slip past him in the doorway and move into the bathroom. The other technician kneeling on the floor putting his tools back into his tool box. I move to the sink and turn it on and off. The dripping has been fixed! I turn the water on and off a few more times before I cup my hands and feel them with water, I bend over and splash the water over my face, the excess water dripping down onto my already sheer top causing it to become transparent as it clings to my hard nipples, showing the technicians the roundness of what they want.

I grab a hand towel and dry my face. I watch them in the mirror as they stand frozen watching me. I turn to face them and tell thank them for fixing my sink. I tell them I wish there was a way I could thank them and ask if there was any way I could possibly do that.

The words have barely left my lips when the one standing moves to me, presses me into the counter, his mouth covering mine as his hands quickly and roughly squeeze and grope my tits. I grab his cock through his work pants. It’s so hard, rock hard! My t-shirt is lifted and pulled over my head in one smooth movement before he turns me around and tugs my shorts down.

He uses his knee to spread my legs a bit giving him access to my wet pussy. My eyes find the other technician in the mirror, his pants around his ankles, dick in his hand being feverishly stroked.

I use my hands against the mirror to brace myself as the first technician slams into me, his big cock stretching my wet pussy with every thrust. His breathing is jagged as he works deeper and deeper inside of me. He pushes his thumb into my ass and increases the speed of his thrusts. His thumb is replaced by two thick fingers as his hips pump into me lightning fast.

He cums hard inside of me. His body collapsing onto me, pressing me into the counter top. He pulls out of me, still erect and his co-worker immediately steps into place behind me. His fills the space where his co-workers fingers left open. He pushes hard into my ass. I reach back to slow him but he knocks my hand away, pushing forward again.

My ass slowly opens for him as he single mindedly pushes into me. I cry out as he pulls out and pushes in again, this time pushing hard enough to go balls deep in my tight asshole. His hands grip my hips and he fucks my ass. His face in the mirror is focused as he watches his dick slide in and out of my ass, stretching me out with each thrust.

He too can’t hold out for very long and its another few thrusts when I feel my ass fill with his explosion. He slips out of me and collapses on the floor, struggling to catch his breath as he zips his satiated dick back into his work pants.

Before I can pull my shorts back into place, the first guy steps behind me again, bends me over and pushes into me ass. He thrusts hard and deep before he adds to what his co-worker has already left. He pulls out, the cum dripping from my ass. I clean myself up before pulling my shorts back into place. They are both dressed but I can see they both want more of me!

I smile and move them towards the front door. As I open it, I thank them for coming today. I also thank them for the repairs! I blow a little air kiss before shutting the front door.

I grab my phone from the kitchen before I head to the shower. I need to schedule another repair ticket. I think I have an outlet that needs some attention!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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