What’s for Dinner?

He roughly threw me back onto the bed, pushed and held my hands over my head, my thighs spreading to welcome his body between them. Holding my hands down tightly, he forcibly pushed his rock hard cock into me. I gasp with the painful pleasure of him taking what he’s wanted all day.

My back arches as he surges into me. His cock grows harder as I beg him to slow down, to not go so fast. His hands tighten around my wrists as he increases his speed, his shaft slamming into the dripping wet core of me. My thighs quiver and then full out quake as he fucks me, his stroke game long and deep. He makes me take every inch of his hard, thick cock and I love it!

I beg again for him to slow down, His response is to move both of my wrists to one of his hands and with his now free hand he wraps it around my throat, squeezing just enough , just how I like it! His hips slam into mine as his hand tightens a little more around my throat, bring me to orgasm. The spreading wet spot underneath me gets bigger with each orgasm. My pussy is so juicy that it sounds like macaroni and cheese being stirred!
His hand loosens around my neck and I gasp for air, his hand moving to lightly slap me before moving back to secure my wrist. He rides me with reckless abandon. He rides me like I’m his favorite toy that he’s been waiting to play with. He rides me like he wants to push his cock into the depths of my soul. I beg him to slow. It’s so good that I can’t handle it! He tells me to shut the fuck and to take it! My whole body shakes, quakes and then explodes with a toe curling orgasm. He never slows as my pussy grips his dick and pulls him further inside of me as my pleasure rolls through me.

He frees my wrists, throws my thighs over his shoulders and leans his full body weight into me as he fucks me harder. His hips piston as he gets closer to that sweet release that he craves. His breath is jagged as he pushes harder into me, my thighs screaming for release from his shoulders, my pussy dripping and begging for more dick.

His whole body tightens as his release tears with a deep guttural growl from his lips. I feel his cock surge inside of me as he fills me up with his hot cum. He keeps me pinned with my thighs over his shoulders until he is completely emptied and has caught his breath. Only when he is ready does he let my thighs down and allow me reprieve from his weight atop me.

He tells me to turn over onto my stomach and then he ties my hands to the headboard with silk ties and tells me that I’m not finished. He moves away to the bathroom and closes the door, I hear the shower come on. A few moments later, I hear the door to the bedroom open. The way my hands are tied, I can’t fully turn my head to see who has entered the bedroom but the only other person in the house is his chef. His broad shouldered, smoldering eyed chef who always watches my every move when I’m around him.

Is it the chef who is now unbuckling a belt and letting pants fall to the floor? Is it the chef who is climbing up onto the bed and kissing my feet? My calves? My thighs? The cheeks of my ass? Is it the chef who is spreading my ass cheeks and dipping a thick finger into my tight little asshole? I feel the coolness of lube being rubbed onto my little hole and then I heard the bottle squeeze again as he gets himself lubed up.

I hear the squelch of lube on his dick as he strokes it, coating every inch. It sounds like a lot of lube. Is he big? Is he thick? His free hands squeezes my ass, palming it. He moves over me as he plays with my ass, his breathing increasing with each squeeze and with each stroke of his cock.

He moves over me, straddling me so that my legs are still straight, my ass will make and even tighter vessel for him. I feel the head of his dick press at my opening and I gasp. He isn’t tiny. I still don’t know how long he is but he’s wide. He groans with pleasure as he presses into me again, sinking into me just a little bit. The tip is in and he works his hips, moving the tip in and out, stretching me little by little to take him in. His hands press down on my back as he pushes in a little more, spreading my ass more.

He works himself into me little by little. He isn’t very long but he is so damn thick! He finally gets all of his thickness inside of me and stops moving. His breath is quick and jagged and he’s trying to hold back from cumming but I know he won’t be able to hold out for long, I’m too tight and it feels too good to him! He proves my point a moment later when he twists his fingers into my hair and pulls my head back, making me arch my back as he fucks my ass. He’s trying to outrun his orgasm but it’s winning the fight!

His hips fly into me, my ass stretching with each of his thrusts. His thrusts going deeper and deeper, his hand pulling my hair tighter, the pleasure from all of the pain is intense and I scream out my orgasm. This pushes him closer, he frees my hair and grips the headboard for leverage. He’s in a dead sprint against his orgasm now and all I can do is hold on to the wrist restraints as he completely loses himself in the tight deliciousness of my ass.

He cums loudly. His hands hard gripping the headboard as he yells my name, his cock emptying deep into my ass. He yells my name over and over as his hips come to a slow stroke before completely stopping. He is still inside of me, when he leans down and kisses my shoulders and back. He slips from inside of me as his kisses make their way back down my body. I hear him gather his things, not pausing to put them back on, and then the bedroom door opening and closing softly.

I don’t know when the shower stopped and when you came back into the bedroom, but a moment after the bedroom door closes you are slipping back onto the bed between my thighs and your hard cock slips into my cum filled asshole. It’s just a matter of moment before you add to what chef has left inside of me. You are breathing heavy with pleasure as you slip from inside of me and untie my hands. You tell me that I’ve been a very good girl and that I may join you in the shower. I have to wait a moment, my legs are like jelly and if I stand right now I’ll just sink to the floor in a pool of delicious satiety!

When I’m ready, I slip from the bed and join you in the shower. You turn to face me and I see that you’re hard again. I know what you want and I immediately sink to the smooth shower floor and open my mouth. Fucking my throat in the shower is one of your favorite things. The dual shower heads rain down on us from either side of the shower, keeping us both warm in their stream as you grip my head, holding it in place as you fuck my throat as you would my pussy.

You stroke deeply into my throat, gagging me on the length of you. I try to pull away but you hold me firmly in place as your cock enjoys the depts. of my throat. You gasp as you fuck my mouth, you love watching your length go in and out. You love hearing me gag as you sink balls deep into my mouth.

You pull out and hand me the throat numbing spray that you keep in the shower for this specific reason. I know you are about to get rough and you want me to be able to take it all. I suck your balls as I wait for the spray to do it’s job. When you’ve decided I’m ready, you again take my head in your hands and tell me to open my mouth. I don’t. I keep my lips together, denying the tip of your sweet cock entry into what you crave. You grip my head tighter as you again try to push your cock into my mouth. I stare you in the eyes as I deny you again. You slap my face and tell me to open my mouth. I won’t. You slap me harder and tell me to open my fucking mouth. My pussy is throbbing as I again deny you. You slap me again, a little harder and force your dick into my mouth.

You growl for me to open my fucking mouth. I love it when you take what you want! I’ve made you work for what you want and now you will punish me for it! You fuck my throat hard and deep. Because of the spray, I’m able to take every inch of you with minimal gagging. Your hips slip faster and faster, your cock moving deeper and deeper down my throat. I try and pull away but you hold me still as you shoot your load down my throat. I feel the hot, thick load sliding down my throat as you slow the thrust of your hips, allowing me to swallow every drop of your gift.

When you are empty, you slip from my lips and help me to my feet. You press me into the wall of the shower and kiss me slow and deep before you step from the shower, closing the glass door behind you. I crank up the temperature of the water and enjoy the heat on my very satisfied body.

I glance at the wall clock and see that it’s almost 6:30, dinner time! I smile wickedly and wonder what chef has prepared for dinner and if I’ll be dessert!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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