Stress Relief

Today has been one of those day where everything is on my nerves and everything is needing my attention. I’m stressed and need relief. Stress has a weird effect on me, it makes me ridiculously horny. I’m in desperate need of relief! Fast!

I post a short and to the point message to a message board letting folks know that I need my throbbing pussy pounded out by as many cocks as I can find for my lunch break coming up in an hour. Three of you respond and I instantly send them the address to the little apartment I use specifically for these purposes.

I stand up at my desk, tug my skirt down and let my hands wander over my ass, knowing the guy seated across the aisle from me loves to stare. I’m bra free today, so my rock hard nipples are very visible through my blouse. I make sure I make my tits shake a little extra as I reach for my purse and place it on my shoulder. I look over at him and smile before leaning down and writing my apartment address on a sticky note. I place the note on his desk and tell him I’m headed there for lunch now if he wants to join. I hear his chair push back as I head for the door. I now have a fourth!

My apartment is relatively close to my job so it takes me no time to arrive. My key is sliding into the lock when I hear my co-worker call out my name from behind. I turn to see him coming down the hall, his cock tenting his slacks. I like what I see so far!

Following close behind him are two more of the guys, perfect timing! I finish unlocking the door and we all slip inside, the fourth guy catching the door and coming inside before it fully closes. I drop my purse on the counter, slip out of my heels and begin to undress as they all stand in a semi-circle around me. My top is over my head and off in a flash, my huge titties swaying with my movement as I move to remove my skirt. In another moment my skirt is on the floor and I am completely naked and ready. The men, however, are still standing drinking me in. I reiterate that I only have my lunch break and that I don’t intend on being late back to work. That sparks them into motion! Shoes, pants and boxer briefs coming flying off as I sink to my knees and pull the first available cock into my mouth.

I have him lie on the floor so that I can suck him while another mounts me from behind. I pull the huge cock from my mouth long enough to tell them all to not be gentle. to fuck me hard and fast! We only have 35 minutes and the clock is ticking! I pop the dick I was sucking back into my mouth and deep throat it as cocks rotate in and out of me from behind. I love the feel of each one as he pushes into me, trying his best to fuck me as hard as he can! The guy I’m sucking finally decides he wants some pussy too and pulls me up onto him so I’m straddling him, his thick cock slipping fully into my dripping wet pussy.

I only ride him for a second before a hand is pushing me forward to give better access to my tight little asshole. He pushes his thickness into me, heading my request to be rough! I gasp as he rams his cock into my ass, my pussy throbbing around the one under me! My mouth is wide open with orgasm when its filled with a cock. He fucks my throat hard and fast, gagging me on the length of him as the other two work their shafts deep into me.

I taste the cum as he jackhammers into the back of my throat, filling it with every drop of himself before he slips from my lips. My ass is next to be filled as he grips my hips with his release, my ass filled with his hot jizz. He slips out of me and is instantly replaced by my co-worker who wastes no time in filling my ass up as well with his cum. He slips out and falls back onto the floor as the guy underneath me flips me over and pushes his cock into my slippery asshole, cumming immediately!

He pulls out and goes to lie on the couch as I pull myself to my feet, rubbing my tits and enjoying the pleasurable pain of my fucked ass! I look at them all as they breathe heavily trying to catch their breaths. I smile and tell them thank you! I clean myself up quickly, wait as they get themselves quickly together and usher everyone out. I tell them to meet me here again at 7 for round two!

I love productive lunches!
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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