Spread Eagle

He wanted me to give him a blow job while he was driving on the way home and I refused. I wanted to tease him when he couldn’t do anything about it! Instead of pulling his cock into my mouth, I leaned my seat back, put my foot on the dash and played with my pussy, never letting him join in!

It frustrates him so bad when I tease him and he can’t do anything about it! He had to keep his eyes on the road so all he could do was glance over from time to time as my fingers worked my pussy. He had to settle for the sound of my juicy pussy as my fingers slipped in and out.

I teased him for the entire 20 minute ride home and now he’s punishing me! I am stripped naked and tied, spread eagle to the bed. He’s now in the other room talking on the phone while I am tied to the bed, left wondering what his punishment will be. I can’t wait!

I hear the doorbell and you greeting another. I hear footsteps on the tile floor coming towards the bedroom and then you’re there with your best friend. You tell me that both of them will have me as my punishment. You’re best friend is feverishly undressing, never taking his eyes from my writhing body. I know your best friend has wanted to fuck me since I’ve met him so I know he can’t wait to bury his cock deep into my wet pussy.

You quickly undress and straddle my chest, wickedly grinning at me because I know you are about to take the blow job that I wouldn’t give you earlier. You lean over me, letting you dick touch my lips. I still refuse to open my mouth, continuing to deny you. You are about to slap me to get me to open when I gasp deeply. Your best friend just pushed his entire shaft into me, my back arching as much as it can with my hands tied. When my mouth opens you push into my mouth.

With me on my back, you hover over me and fuck my mouth. From this position, you slide deep into my throat. All I can do is open my mouth wide while you stroke deep into my throat while your best friend plows into my pussy. His dick is so thick that I can barely take it but he doesn’t care. He pounds into me, enjoying every bit of what hes craved for so long.

You finally pull out of my mouth and I suck air in quickly and deeply before you have a chance to push back into my mouth. Your rhythm speeds up, your cock slams into the back of my throat as you begin to cum. I taste your cum as you sink further into my throat. You hold still as you cock pulses with release into my throat. You slide out of my mouth and I again gasp for air as your best friend moves his body above mine so that he can properly fuck me.

He lies atop me and fucks me hard! His chest pressing my huge tits against him as his hips pound into me, his lips sucking my neck. He bites me as he cums inside of me, pushing hard inside of me as he empties his heavy balls into me.

He rolls off of me, his cock soft with satisfaction. You start to untie me and send me off to the shower and tell me to get ready for round two!

I hope they fuck me in the ass next!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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