Internet Installation

Its super early and my phone just rang with my technician coming to install my internet. He let me know that he will be at my house in twenty minutes. I give a good stretch and then slide out of bed, the silky smooth covers sliding over my naked body as I get to my feet and head to the bathroom to pull myself together.

I brush my teeth and pull my hair into a quick ponytail before I head to my closet for something to throw on. The sun streaming through my window bathes my bouncing boobs in warm sunlight as I pull my closet door open. I want something comfy but easy so I grab a tank-top and some shorts.

I pull on my shorts, not bothering with any panties and then pull my tank top over my head and over my chest. I give a quick look in the full length mirror and see the cool morning air has my nipples standing at attention. I wonder if the technician will notice?

As I’m bouncing down the stairs my doorbell rings. He’s early! I move to the door and swing it open, his eyes instantly zeroing in on my chest and hard nipples before wandering down to my short shorts and my thick thighs. His eyes finally travel up to meet mine and that’s when he introduces himself and lets me know that he will be installing my internet today. I tell him that’s perfect and that he has full access to anything he needs while he here! His mouth drops open a little before he regains his composure and lets me know he will start outside and then make his way back in.

I move to the kitchen and make myself breakfast and tea, listening to him work outside. Just as I’m finishing my avocado toast, the doorbell rings. I grab my tea cup and go to let my technician in. I swing my front door open and grant my technician entry with his tool bags in hand. I grab a seat on the couch as he pulls his tools out and gets to work.

I sip my tea and engage him in idle chit chat as he works on getting my internet going. Asking how his day is going, how hot it is outside, if he would like a bottle of water. He says yes to the water and I feel his eyes on my ass as I make my way to the kitchen. His eyes are riveted to my bouncing breasts as I make my way over to hand him the bottle of water. He rises to his haunches and I see that his pants are tented where his cock is pressing, rock hard.

I give him a wicked little smile as he takes the water from me and drinks thirstily. I ask him if there’s anything else I can get for him and he just stares at my nipples pushing against my tank top. I let my hands slide over my chest and down to my thighs and ask him if ever takes a break while on a job. I recaps his bottle of water, puts it down and moves to me on his knees, his face at perfect eye level with my tits.

Both of his hands squeeze my tits as a groan escapes his lips. He’s wanted to do this from the moment I opened my front door! He pushes my tank top up and pulls a nipple into his mouth. Sucking it, nibbling it, teasing it with his tongue. While his mouth works, I hear his belt buckle being undone and then his zipper being unzipped before he is standing, my nipple pulling from between his greedy lips.

He pushes me back onto the couch, pulling my shorts down and off before he falls between my thighs, his body spreading me wide open to accept his raging hard on. He pushes hard and deep into me, his hips moving lightening fast as he works every inch of his shaft as far into me as he can. His breathing is ragged as his hands grope my body, moving from my ass to my tits and back again. He’s like a kid in a candy store wanting everything all at once!

His mouth is on mine, his tongue exploring my mouth, his hands are under my ass, pulling me closer into him, his dick pushing deeper and deeper into me. I gasp as he slams into me one final time, filling me with his hot cum. I feel his body tighten as he releases deep into me, his hands squeezing my ass until his orgasm is over.

He lies on top of me for a moment to catch his breath before he moves away, his cock slipping from inside of me. I give him a handy wipe to clean up as I tug my clothes back into place. I grab my now cool tea and take a seat back on the couch as he gets dressed. I reengage in mundane conversation as he finishes my internet installation.

He goes over all of my information and gives me a his card, pointing out his personal cell phone number to call if I have any problems or need another personal visit. I smile and walk him to the door, noticing that he is hard again. He looks longingly at my still hard nipples as I open the door to let him out, wishing him a good rest of his day.

I haven’t fully settled in when my doorbell rings again. I think its my technician but when I open the door I see its another employee from my internet company. He introduces himself and lets me know he is part of the follow up team. He wants to make sure my visit went well and that I understand my services. His eyes too wander down the length of my body finally landing on my face and my wicked grin.

I welcome him into my home as well and offer him something to drink. He accepts my offer of a bottle of water, his eyes following me as I bend to pick one up from the pack on the floor. When I turn to hand him the water, I see that he is hard, slacks straining to contain his hardness. I don’t waste any time with him as I have other things to do today but can never pass up on a chance to fuck!

I place his water on the table, lift my tank top up to show him my juicy tits, slide my shorts down and turn to brace my hands on the chair in front of me. I bend at the waist and look back over my shoulder, telling him to fuck me hard.

In the blink of an eye, his pants are down around his ankles and he is pushing into my cum filled pussy where his co-worker just was. His hands grip my hips as he rams his thick cock into me. I command that he fuck me harder and he obeys, slamming into me harder and harder. I finally get the orgasm I’ve been waiting for all morning just as he gets his. He grunts out loudly as I feel him flood my pussy with his load. His hands squeezing my hips tighter and tighter until he’s fully emptied himself into me.

When he releases my hips, I pull my shorts back into place and grab a wipe to hand to him so that he can tidy up a bit. I leave my top pulled up as he pulls himself together, his hungry eyes never leaving my heaving breasts. I thank him for stopping by and move him towards the door. He tells me that he has more time that he could hang out for a while but I tell him that wont be necessary. I open the door for him, my top still pulled up and I see my neighbor across the street glancing and then staring! The internet follow-up employee steps out, cock on hard again and hands me his business card. He too lets me know about his personal cell number and that I should call anytime, day or night, for anything.

I wish him an amazing day and wave to my neighbor across the street who is still standing at his door staring. I wonder how long it will take before he makes his way across the street!

I close my door and head to the shower. Who knew having your internet installed could be so fun!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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