Sooooooo… I’ve been chatting with both of them for about two months now via text only. I met them both on a dating app and both professed in their profiles that they were looking for a relationship but either one has yet to ask me out, or ask me anything not having to do with sex. Instead of casual conversation, they are all too happy to send me dick pics, masturbation videos and tell me how much they want to fuck. I guess relationship on dating profiles is code for casual fuck buddies! Cool. Whatevs. They’ve both been added to my list of dudes who are for entertainment purposes only!

There must be a full moon out tonight because they both all of a sudden want to grab drinks! Ha! Cool! I tell them both that I have some time and can meet at 9 for a quick drink. I send them both the address to the restaurant that I’ve chosen and carry on with my day.

Of course, I arrive at the restaurant early so that I can secure a comfy couch in the back of the restaurant. It’s like a lounge back here. The dining room is towards the front and the back has a lounge type vibe where patrons can come to sit and enjoy a nice cocktail, chat and just relax.

I settle into a beautiful teal couch with my vodka cranberry keeping me company until tonight’s entertainment arrives. A is the first to text me that he has just pulled into the parking lot and that he will go ahead and get us a table, asking me to let him know when I arrive. I relieve A of the table responsibility by letting him know that I am already inside and comfortably waiting on the teal couch in the back. I tell him to stop at the bar for a drink and then to join me!

A few minutes later, A strolls into the back of the restaurant with his beer in his hand and of course he looks similar to his posted pictures but not the same. It doesn’t really matter. A moves directly to me because unlike him, I keep my posted pictures current. He attempts to lean in for a hug but I stiff arm him and offer my hand for a business like shake instead. This throws him a bit. This isn’t how he saw this going and I love the confusion dancing across his face!

We exchange greetings and before he can take a seat on the couch next to me, I offer him a seat on the couch across from me, telling him I love looking at people while we have conversation and sitting next to one another makes that a task. Again, I can see this just isn’t going as he thought but he does what I ask and settles in across from me.

As A is asking how my day has been, his eyes never leaving my cleavage, B texts me. Again, I receive a message that he’s just pulled into the parking lot and he’s about to get a table. I copy and paste the message I gave to A earlier and again engage in conversation with A. Neither one knows that the other will be there. This is so much fun!

I respond to A’s question about my day, making sure to lean in just a little to give him more of a view of my very exposed cleavage in my dress. His eyes never leave my tits as I summarize my day. His eyes drink in my cleavage, greedy to bury his face in them. As I lean back on my couch, B arrives with his drink in his hand. He sees A, gives him a once over and then leans down to greet me. I give him the same stiff arm handshake greeting that A received and the confusion on his face is priceless! lol! I again direct him to the couch where A is sitting open legged and I introduce them to each other.

The confusion on both of their faces is worth every second of my getting ready tonight! lol! A is the first to speak up and say that he thought it would just be he and I tonight and I ask, with a straight face, why he would think that? Of course, they just sit there not able to answer and I laugh! I tell them that neither of them has been interested in getting to know me and tonight is no different. I love tormenting and teasing men who only want to waste my time!

I adjust myself on my couch so that my dress rides up, exposing more thigh and I arch my back a little as I pick up my drink, giving them both an eyeful of what they really came for. A immediately adjusts himself, it must be getting uncomfortably hard in those slacks for him! B is clearly aroused, his cock tenting the front of his pants, his attempts to hide it by leaning forward failing miserably.

I let a finger trail down my neck and over my breast as I ask them about their day. Their eyes following the slow progression of my hand as it makes its way down to my exposed upper thigh where I let it rest comfortably. A asks if he can join my on my couch and I decline, moving on to my next mundane question. B then decides he will just move himself to my couch without asking and I quickly send him back to his couch beside A.

I tell them the seat next to me is reserved for the man who can tell me my favorite dessert. Silence. My favorite color. Silence. My favorite book. Silence. They know nothing at all about me. I don’t really think they know my name. So very typical.

I ask them what their intention was for the tonight. Whats the game plan fellas, I ask. They stammer about some getting to know me bullshit and I sit back and encourage them to go ahead! Get to know me. They again look confused. They have relied solely on their dicks and I relay this thought to them. Of course, they deny this while they are both so hard I can clearly see their dicks struggling to get out of their pants.

I finally get to what they’ve been wanting this entire time and ask them if they want to fuck me. They don’t hesitate to gleefully say yes! I ask them if they want to fuck right there on the couch? Again with the confusion. They look around at all of the other people on the other couches in the room. It’s dim in the room and the other patrons are spread out but if we started having sex, they would be able to see! Neither of them looks comfortable at this idea and I love it!

I position myself so that my ass is on the edge of my couch, my thighs spread wide. I let my hands glide over my thighs and up my dress to slip off my panties that I drop on the coffee table in front of us. I spread my this wider and let a finger dip into my pussy so very slowly. They both lean forward, drinks in hand, eyes riveted in between my thighs. I let my fingers dance in and out of my pussy as my other hands plays over my huge tits over my dress before releasing moving my dress and bra aside to free one juicy tit.

They are both riveted to me know. A grabs his cock through his pants and tells me he lives close and we can head over to his house. I ignore him and continue to torment them with my tease. I move my head and notice the guy at the couch across from us is also watching my little show and I give him a wicked little smile. He smiles back and sits back to enjoy.

B sees where my eyes have gone and also volunteers his home for a night of sexual shenanigans. I ignore him as well as I free my other boob from my dress. Both tits are now out, my nipples hardening against the chill in the air. A and B are now both begging to come sit next to me, to touch me. I decline and give the other couch guy a wink before returning my gaze onto A and B.

I pull my dress up further and lean back giving them a full view of my pretty pussy. I moan as I slip my fingers into my pussy and squeeze my titties with my other hand. Their want is palatable. A takes his dick out and is stroking it, begging me to come home with him. B apparently is a littler more reserved and leaves his cock sheathed in his slacks as he strokes himself. They both beg to at least come outside to their cars for a quickie and I laugh!

I slip my fingers out of my wet pussy, pull my dress back down and adjust my top to once again cover my delicious tits. I place my panties in my purse and pick up my drink and down the rest in one swallow. I tell A and B that swallowing is one of my favorite things to do as I stand to leave.

They both stand as well, cocks on rock hard through their pants and I wave them back into their seats letting them know I’m not leaving quite yet. I move over to the other couch guy, lean down and whisper in his ear to take his dick out and I am pleasantly surprised by the monster that he presents me with! I straddle him on the couch and sink down on his huge dick, letting my pussy wrap around every inch of him as I slide down the length of him.

I grab the back of the couch and ride him hard and fast. He pulls my tits out of my dress and bites my nipples sending me crashing into orgasm. His following right behind mine as I feel him filling me with his hot cum. My hips slow and then still as I catch my breath, his cock still inside of me. Even satiated he’s still huge! He grabs the back of my neck, bringing my face to his and kisses me long and hard. I nibble his lip as I pull away, slipping off of his lap and pulling my dress back into place. He pulls his shirt over his cock as I turn and head back to my table.

A and B are sitting there, dicks in hand as I lean down to pick up my purse and remove one of my business cards. They ask me who’s house would I like to go to and I tell them that I will be returning my home for a shower, alone. I give them each a handshake and turn to go, stopping by other they other couch to leave my business card. He too, has his business card out and we exchange cards. Before I’ve made it to my car my phone chimes with an address and the picture of couch guy. His name is Anthony and he would love it if I would come over for round two!

My phone is buzzing with multiple texts and calls from A and B as I leave the parking lot headed for Anthony’s house. A and B have served their purpose for the night! I love a good tease! It makes me so horny! lol!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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