You straddle me so that your heavy cock sits in between my huge, juicy, oily titties. You wrap them around your thickness as your hips begin to thrust, your cock gliding back and forth between my slippery mounds.

Tiffany has her face buried between my legs, her tongue on my clit and her fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy. She gives my clit one last hard suck before she pulls her face away and moves between my legs, spreading them wider. I feel lube dripping on me as Tiffany gets her ten inch strap on ready for me. This is her favorite toy to use! She loves making me take every inch!

Tiffany uses your shoulder to steady herself as she starts to push into me. I gasp and start pushing against her thighs, holding her back as much as I can. She moans with my need to slow her down. You move up my body so that you can slip your cock into my mouth, your hands pushing mine above my head leaving me wide open for Tiffany.

Seeing that you have my hands secure, she thrusts her huge cock into me, your cock muffling my moans. Her hips thrust into me with long deep strokes, my thighs shake with orgasm as this huge cock works its way inside of me. I’m able to free my mouth from your shaft and scream out as Tiffany thrusts harder and deeper into me. Her huge tits swing over me with each of her thrusts. With my mouth free, she leans over and I greedily pull her rock her nipple into my mouth. I suck it hard, nibbling it just like she like it.

Tiffany pounds into me until she cums, her body collapsing onto mine, her cock deeply sheathed in my throbbing pussy. You let go of my hands and climb on top of Tiffany. You slip your cock between her ass cheeks and into her tight ass. With each of your thrusts into Tiffany, her strap on thrust into me. You lean your full body weight into her as you fuck her, her tits pressing into mine, her cock bring me orgasm after orgasm!

You quickly pull out of Tiffany and shoot your load all over her ass before you collapse onto the bed next to us. Tiffany pulls out of me and rolls to the other side. My body is alive with pleasure as orgasms continue to roll through me. I rub my clit as the last orgasm washes over me, leaving me satisfied and sleepy. I love when Tiffany visits!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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