I see you every Sunday. You’ll send a text that you’re on your way and my pussy instantly gets wet!
When you ring my doorbell, my pussy starts to throb with anticipation! When I get to the bottom of the stairs I slip out of my tiny panties and let my robe drop to the floor. You like me nude when I open the door!

I glide across the cool tile floor and take a moment before I open the door. Standing in front of the frosted glass so you can see my silhouette, teasing you a little more!
I unlock the door and give you access to what you’ve been craving all week! You push your way inside the moment the door cracks open, kicking it shut behind you as you grab me up into your arms, your lips crushing mine. You use your body weight to push me down onto the floor, your body between my legs as my back touches the cool tile.
With your lips on my neck, you tug your pants down just enough to free your throbbing shaft to bury it deep in my center! You push deep and hard, hands gripping my hips as you try your hardest to pound through me! My pussy is the only one you want so you wait all week to see me, to release a weeks worth of tension between my legs!
Your hips thrust into me three more time before you tense with orgasm. I feel your dragon jerking with release inside of me! Your heavy breaths in my ear are all I hear as you struggle to catch your breath.

You climb to your feet and I move to my knees just like you like! I pull your satiated cock into my mouth and feel it start to harden! My tongue licks the tip as my hand cups your balls. I slip you back into my mouth and pull you deep into my throat. You love when I gaze up at you as I take you in my mouth. I pull you as deep as I can, gagging on the length of you. I can never get you all of the way into my mouth! I can tell you are close to coming again so you pull me to my feet and move me into the living room where you pull me down onto the soft carpet, slipping every inch of your monster cock back into my pussy!
You go slower this time, savoring the tightness as I clench my pussy around your cock, making it tighter for you! You love fucking my pussy but what you love even more is my tight little asshole!
You slip from inside of me and put the tip at my ass. I instantly tighten because I know it’s going to be so pleasurably painful! You give me a wicked grin as you push into me, my hands pushing against your thighs to slow you as much as I can. You let my hands slow you as you work the tip in, stretching me just enough for you to slip in a little deeper.
You grab my wrists and pull my hands above my head as you lean into me, your body weight driving your huge cock deeper into my tight little hole! I gasp as you drive deeper into me, my ass stretching around your thickness. You drive in a little more, still not balls deep before you pull back. Your stroke is slow and deep, letting my body open for you before you take me how you really want to.
You give me two more slow, deep strokes before I feel your hands tighten around my wrists. I know this, more than anything, is what you’ve been craving! With your hands pinning mine to the floor, your thrusts become deeper and harder. My legs start to quake with orgasm as you push into me harder. My screams stuck in my throats as your rock hard cock fills every inch of my ass up, pounding harder with each thrust.

My back arches and my toes curl as you finally work the length of your cock into me. Your ball slap in as your pound deep into me. Your hands are like iron grips around my wrist as you grunt your animal pleasure into my ear on each thrust.
I cry out as you thrust into me one last time, your hot cum filling my asshole, and spilling out as you continue to thrust into me. My legs won’t quit shaking with pleasure as you slip from my ass and roll onto your back.
I’m still on my back, gasping for air, when your driver comes in and takes his place between my thighs. He too has been waiting all week for this! His cock is out of his pants and inside of my throbbing pussy in no time! He throws my thighs over his shoulders and greedily fucks me!
He’s always so worked up that it never takes him long! Before I know it he’s pulling out and I offer him my huge titties to cum on just like he likes! He paints my tits with his hot cum and before he slides in between my heaving tits, wrapping them around his shaft!
He too is panting as he steps back, putting himself back together. He steps out as quickly as he came in leaving us alone again. When I look over, you are hard again from watching the driver fuck me!

You stand me up, and bend me over, your cock slipping back into my dripping wet pussy! You pleasure yourself quickly this time, pushing me to my knees to also paint my juicy juggs with your hot jizz as well!When you’ve let me clean you with my tongue, you also get yourself together and head for the door. I sink back down into the plush carpet as I hear the front door click shut. I’m already dreaming about next Sunday!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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