Roll Over

I’m sleeping nude on my stomach when I feel the bed shift as you roll over to me. You move your entire body over me, your arms suspending your top half above me. Your legs move to the outside of mine. My legs are closed tightly. I love this position!

You rain little kisses all down my back. You know that my back is one of my spots! You know kissing my back will turn me on and make me wet! I moan as your lips move over my back, kissing and nibbling. My hips start to move, grinding into the bed with want.

My moan is deep and lustful as your lips find my ear, my other spot! I want you inside of me. I push my hips up into your hardness, my pussy throbs for you. Please, I need you!

I’m begging for your cock but you only tease me with. You slide your shift along my ass cheeks letting it dip down just a bit between my thighs. I try to open my thighs wider but your legs keep mine together. I beg again for you to fuck me, my hips squirming with need. You laugh and bite my shoulder right before you give me what I want!

My legs together makes my pussy extra tight and you barely fit as you drive inside of me. You like it hard and fast in the morning, you like to fuck! I gasp as you push every inch of your thickness in to me. I try to reach back to slow you with a hand on your thigh but you aren’t having that. You you grab my hand and hold it down on the bed with the other. You have complete control over my body! I love it when you dominate me baby!

Your cock drives deeper and deeper into my greedy little pussy with each thrust of you powerful hips. Your hands are so tight around my wrists, your cock so huge in my pussy! You drive in deeper and harder. You’re so big, I don’t know if I can take much more.
You suck my ear as you push into me, unleashing an orgasm deep from within me. My whole body quakes with pleasure, the waterfall between my thighs finally allowing you to go balls deep! You are pounding into me now, chasing your orgasm. Your cock is touching every spot inside of me and then some. Another orgasms rips from my lips as yours slams into you. Ffffffuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk is all I hear as you empty into me.

Your hips finally slow as your breathing races along. You slip your satiated cock from my wetness as you head to the shower. I slip from the bed and follow you, I’m ready for round two!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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