Punish Me

I’ve been teasing him all day! Sending him nudes and little videos of me playing with my tits! I love teasing him! I love knowing he’s going into meeting after meeting with a painfully hard cock! I also love knowing that he will punish me after a day of teasing! I know as soon as he walks in the door my punishment will begin! He just walked through the door!

I’m sitting on the couch in just a pair of sheer panties. He walks into the living room breathing heavily with want, his cock straining against his slacks. He quickly moves across the room to me, grabbing me by the arm to pull me to my feet. He kisses me roughly as his hands squeeze my ass.

He pulls his lips from mine and sits down on the couch. He pats his lap, telling me to assume the position this is my favorite punishment! I position myself across his lap so that my ass is fully available for his punishment.

As soon as I’m in position he spanks me throughout my panties hard! Three more hard spanks come before he caresses me gently. He squeezes and spanks me harder and harder. He wants me to beg him to stop but I won’t cry out! I take each strike with a groan denying him the pleasure of my begging him to stop! I know this is only frustrating him more and smile when he stands up with me.

He pushes me onto my knees on the couch and clumsily unbuckles and unzips his pants, freeing his raging cock. He roughly pushes into my wet pussy, ducking me hard and fast. He bites my shoulder as he works his days frustration into me. He slams his whole body weight into me trying to get his cock as deep as he can into me, his hands squeezing my big tits.

His hips piston into me as he gets closer, his fingers squeezing my tits so hard that it hurts so good! I cry out as he goes deeper, his cock pounding into every inch of my tight pussy. He curls his body around mine as he explodes inside of me. As he slips out of me, my body quakes with orgasm.

I fall back onto the couch with a huge smile on my face as my hands caress my huge, juicy tits! The teasing begins again!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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