Naughty Craving

I’ve been craving the feel of you in my mouth all day. The feel of your skin as I wrap my lips around you. The feel of you hardening in my mouth. The texture of your balsa in my hands as I cup them. I’ve been craving sucking the life out of you through your cock all day! You just pulled into the driveway and I let my robe fall to the floor leaving me only dressed in my six inch stilettos. I’m ready for you!

Your key slips into the lock and the door handle twits as you let yourself in. I walk towards you, taking your keys and tossing them to the foyer table. I don’t say a word as I sink to my knees and quickly unbuckle then unzip you. Your cock leaps to my greedy mouth, my lips pulling you deep into my warm mouth.

I’m starving for every inch of you! I try my best to suck down every inch of you, gagging when you hit the back of my throat. Your hands grip my head and you push deep into my throat. I try to back off some but you keep me in place, making me take every inch of you!

Your cock slams into the back of my throat and my body convulses with the gag. You pull back just enough to let me catch my breath before you push back into my throat. You fuck my mouth, releasing the days stresses with each thrust of your hips.

My hands slide up your thighs and around to squeeze your ass, your cock gliding in and out of my throat. My finger slides into you ass as you increase your pace. I taste your precut on my tongue as your hips move even faster.

You quickly pull your cock from my lips as I thrust my juicy tits out to you. Cum on my tits baby! You explode all over my tits, covering them in your hot cum!

I look at you as I rub your cum into my tits, your hungry eyes taking in every second! You help me to my feet and I lead you to the couch. It’s my turn now!

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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