Hump Day Game

It’s Wednesday! It’s hump day! Today we will play one of his favorite games, the hump day game! I like the game but it just makes me soooooo nervous! He absolutely loves it though!
Let me explain how the hump day game rules in case we ever see you out and about on a Wednesday, you can join in! The rules go like this: we must have sex in a public place, me both must expose our naughty bits and the game cannot end until we have both cum. So far, the rules have been easy to follow but I’m nervous about today’s location! It’s the most public spot that we’ve done so far! I’m so nervous! All of my nervous energy is making me soooooo horny! My nipples are rock hard and pressing through the thin material of my summer dress. My pussy is throbbing with need, I’m ready!

It’s still pretty early so the parking lot is pretty empty. He parks near the building and we step from the car. As he walks from his side I can see that he’s ready too! His hard on has tented his grey sweat pants, his cock straining to be freed. He squeezes my ass before he takes my hand and we hurry inside of the grocery store.

I know exactly what I want and I lead him straight to the freezer section. There are a couple of people on the aisle so we peruse the cases until we are alone. The moment the last shopper turns the corner, he pulls the top of my dress open, freeing my huge tits to the cool freezer section air. I drop to my knees as I pull his sweat pants down, his raging cock leaping out, my greedy mouth swallowing it whole. I suck him feverishly. I suck him like I’m starving and every inch of his fat cock is the nourishment I need.

He pulls me to my feet and pushes me into the glass of the freezer door. My nipples hardening even more! This is why I wanted this aisle. I’ve always wanted to press my boobs into the cold glass and now I am! He lifts my short dress over my hips and slides into my dripping wet pussy. His full body weight presses me all the way into the glass, my nipples tingling with the cold.
From the corner or my eye I see movement and know that we aren’t alone anymore! He sees the movement too and moves us back off of the glass so that only my hands are on the glass to brace us. He wants to put on a show and does so the minute my hands are on the glass. He slams every inch of that thick, nine inch cock deep into me. I cry out with pleasurable pain as he twists his fingers into my hair and pulls, forcing my back to arch and opening my body up so he can go even deeper.

He lets my hair go and that when I’m able to turn my head and see that we have not one watcher but several! They are loosely gathered around us, hands wandering over their naughty bits! Their want etched into their faces as they watch his hips piston into me. My fingers slide to my clit, I’m so close that all it takes is couple of rubs and my orgasm rips through my body and roars from lips in a deep moan. My legs shaking with orgasm, his hands on my hips are the only things keeping me standing as my legs turn to jelly.

He isn’t done putting on his show for our growing crowd. His hips piston into me before he pulls out and pushes me to my knees. I thrust my tits up to him as he orgasm, his hot jizz covering my heaving breasts, dripping off of my hard nipples. He loves when I rub his load into my juicy juggs and I do that for him now. Apparently he isn’t the only one who loves this because I hear someone cumming. I turn my head just in time to see another guy shoot his load all over the freezer aisle floor!

I get to my feet and pull my dress back into place, slipping my dress over my hips and covering my still hard nipples with my dress top. He slides his sweats up and over his satiated cock. He gives me a quick kiss before he takes my hand and leads me through our little crowd to the door. As we work our way through the crowd, more than a couple of hands squeeze my ass. I know what they want. They want to bury their raging hard-ons deep inside of my throbbing pussy. They want to fill my wet pussy up with their hot loads. Not today fellas! Maybe next time though!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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