Good Night Babe

I climb into bed, straddle you and slide down the length of your rock hard cock. I ride you, my huge titties bouncing as I work my hips up and down your shaft, my slippery pussy gripping you on each bounce.

I move over from my knees to my feet so that I’m squatting over you, opening myself deeper to you, allowing me to pound down onto you. I drive my dripping deliciousness onto you over and over until I feel that tingle start to roll through me. I come down onto you faster as my orgasm rolls through my body. I’m coming down again when you thrust your hips up to meet mine, pushing my orgasm over the edge.

My body tightens, my back arches and my lips part as my orgasm rolls from my throat on a deep, throaty moan. I slip back onto my knees and move my hips in a slow, satisfied grind. Mmmmmmmm I’m so sleepy baby!

You roll us over, never slipping from inside of me, until you are on top of me. Your mouth sucking my nipple as you long stroke me. This is your favorite way to tease me! Long, deep strokes when you know I want it hard and fast! You stroke harder and longer, pushing one of my legs over your shoulder, leaning your full body weight into me so that your cock touches my deepest spots.

I clench my pussy around you on each of your thrusts, tightening around you, squeezing your thick cock! You breathe heavily in my ear, your control slipping as I continue to tighten around you. I clench again and I know I’ve won! You can’t last much longer! You pound into my sweet little pussy as hard as can, racing to get in as many strokes before your orgasm rips from your lips in a deep groan.

Its only when you’ve fully emptied deep inside me that you roll off of me onto the bed beside me. You pull me into your chest, your hand cupping my juicy tit as you fall asleep. I snuggle into you as I drift off to sleep.

Good night babe.
Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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