Club Night

We love spending our weekends at the swingers club, watching all of the sexiness around us, building up the sexual frustration until we are about to explode before joining in. We’re both tipsy when we head to the pink room. I sit on my favorite stool and you lift my leg to your shoulder, your hard cock sliding deep inside of my waiting pussy. We’ve been naked since we arrived, loving the craving looks from everyone.

You move over your hips maddening slow inside of me, making me beg for you to fuck me hard. You grin as your hips slowly thrust in and out of me, my orgasm building like a slow fire inside of me. A pair of hands reach over my shoulders and caress my tits as an audience gathers to watch you tease me with your delicious cock. Slowly you move in and out of me as the fingers move faster and faster over my nipples, squeezing, pulling, pinching. My pussy is throbbing as you slowly increase the speed of your thrusts until finally you can no longer hold back. You pull my other leg over your shoulder and slam deep inside of my wet pussy. You pound into me hard and deep, my orgasm screaming from my lips.

Your orgasm follows mine as you empty your huge cock deep inside of me. You slip from between my thighs and my mystery nipple pleaser steps around to slide inside. He holds my legs up and pushes inside of me. It’s just another two thrusts before he shoots his hot load into me. He drops my legs and gives my tits a long, hardy suck before he moves to join the onlookers.

Two more step up, one pulling me off the stool and onto the floor with him. I straddle him, his thick cock filling me as his friend mounts me from behind, his thick cock working its way into my tight little ass. He pushes harder, finally working himself all the way inside of me. I’m full to bursting, their huge cocks so big inside of me!

They start moving in tandem, both working their hips so that I’m constantly being pushed onto one of their dicks. I arch my back so that he can go deep in my ass, I want him as deep as I can take it. They both slam into me, my juicy tits bouncing with each of their thrusts. The guy below me squeezes them as I bounce. Wave after wave of orgasm washes through me as I cum on his dick.

They both pull out of me and stand to shoot their hot cum over my heaving tits. I squeeze my tits together as they release all over me! Before I can get to my feet, another comes and slides his dick between my slippery tits. I wrap my cum tits around his cock and he fucks my huge tits. His cock slips between my juggs faster and faster! He watches his cock slip in and out between my tits until he pops like a cork! He cums between my tits, the cum shooting up like a volcano!

I lick my lips and lift my ass to the air, waiting. Who’s next?

Smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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