Your Favorite Game

I get home and find a roll of satin ribbon on the bed and immediately know that we are going to play one of your favorite games. You love to play this game when I’ve been mercilessly teasing you! I’ve been denying you the pleasure between my legs and now you will show me just how frustrated you are!

You step into the room as I’m slipping my panties off. I’m completely nude as you pick up the roll of ribbon. Your game is to have me bend at the waist so that you can tie my hands to my ankles and have your way with me, to have what I’ve been denying you all week!

The moment you finish pulling the ribbon tightly around my ankles and wrists, you step behind me and your hands roam over my ass, your fingers dipping inside of my pussy. Not being able to stand up, all I can see are your shoes and then your pants as you unbuckle and let them fall to the floor.

Your hands shake as you grip my hips and press your hard cock deep inside of me. You’ve been craving the warmth of my pussy wrapped around your cock for days now! My wetness has you ready to cum the moment you slide inside of me so you pound hard and fast trying to get as much time inside of my sweet pussy as you can!

You are fucking me so hard and deep baby! I’m on my tiptoes and my legs are shaking with orgasm, my pussy dripping down my leg. On your next thrust you release inside of me, every drop of exploding deep in me.

Breathing heavily, you pull out of me and move to the bed. I think you are about to untie me when you call out to someone to come on in. I have no idea who you are talking to but I see three more sets of shoes walk up to me. I ask you what’s going on and you tell me that you’ve been telling your friends about how I’ve been teasing you and that today you would finally get to fuck me. You say that your friends have always wanted to fuck me so you figured today would be a perfect day for them to have me!

Your three friends encircle me and drop their pants and start stroking their cocks. I feel lips on my pussy as your first friend works his tongue inside of my pussy, his fingers pushing into my ass. He stands and slides his cock into my pussy with one long, deep stroke. He’s gentle as he deep strokes my throbbing pussy. His hands caressing and slapping my ass. He tells me he’s wanted to fuck me for a year now. His strokes speed up with his excitement, his thumb buried deep in my ass. I squeeze my pussy walls around his cock and he cums instantly!

As soon as your first friends slips out of me, your second friend is roughly pushing into me. He’s pounds into me with short, quick thrusts, his fingers squeezing my ass. His cock is huge and I can feel every inch of it with each thrust of his hips. His orgasm comes as a long grunt from between his clenched teeth. He stumbles away and friend number three quickly slips inside of me.

Friend number three must be super worked up because as soon as he’s inside of me he’s cumming! His cum is dripping out of me as he slips out of me. He leans down and unites my hands from my ankles, freeing me from my punishment! My legs feel like jelly and I instantly sink to the floor once my hands are untied.

I’m lying on my back letting my orgasm roll through me when friend number three climbs on top of me, sucks my nipples as he pushes his rehardened cock inside of me. He fucks me hard and fast but is able to last a bit longer this time before he explodes indie of me again. His lips linger on my tits before he pulls out of me and stands to pull his pants back up.

Your friends each lean down and give me a kiss on their way out and tell me they can’t wait for next time!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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