You introduced me to Xavier, the boss of your boss, at the last company retreat. Xavier made it very clear to both of us that he wanted to have me as one of his special friends with, of course, you benefiting with advancement at the company.

Xavier sent his car for me this morning. I’ve been at his ranch all day, getting massages, eating delicious food and now swimming completely naked in his heated pool while the gardener watches. I make sure and float on my back so he can see my juicy tits float in the water! His pants are tented with his huge erection.

When I start swimming back towards the house, I see Xavier is standing at the edge of the pool with a towel for me. I slowly walk up the steps of the pool, giving him a full view of my dripping wet body. I take the towel and put it on the ground as I sink down onto it, my fingers finding Xavier’s zipper, freeing his throbbing cock.

My lips greedily pull him into my mouth and pull him deep into my throat, gagging on his thickness. Xavier grabs my head and pushes deeper into my throat, his cock filling every inch of my mouth. I’m able to take him for a minute before I start to gag. I pull back and gasp for air before he thrusts back in again. He fucks my face hard and deep, I can tell he’s been craving this for a while!

He thrusts his cock deep into my throat a few more time before he pulls me to my feet and picks me up, my legs wrapping his waist as his shaft slides into my wet pussy. He walks us over to the lounge chairs, he falls on top of me his dick never missing a stroke. He pounds into me so deeply and so fast. He’s gasping for air as his hips piston into me. His hands tighten on my ass as he cums deep inside of me. I think he’s about to slip out but he doesn’t! He’s still hard!

His rock hard cock pounds into me, my orgasm ripping through me! Before I stop shaking, he’s sliding his fingers into my ass as his cock pleasures my pussy. His fingers push deeply into my tight little ass, stretching it as his cock strokes my dripping wet pussy. He leans down and bites my nipple pulling another orgasm from me. He thrusts hard one more time and his orgasm comes screaming from his lips.

He slips out of me and falls back onto the chair next to us a grin on his face. I lazily lounge on chair, stroking my heaving tits. Xavier tells me the wait has been worth it! He stands to take his pants off for round two. He tells me to get my tight little ass ready for a good pounding!

Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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