Under the Covers

I finally woke up before you! I slip under the covers and scoot down to what I want. Your heavy, sleeping cock is lying there waiting for me. I cup your balls and pull your soft cock into my mouth. I begin sucking and instantly you start to grow in my mouth.

You fill my mouth and then my throat as you grow harder and harder. You moan and start to stir as I suck your shaft harder and harder. Your hand finds my head under the covers and you guide me down onto you. You work my head further and further down the length of you. Your continuously hitting the back of my throat, I’m fighting my gag reflex with each of your thrusts.

I pull you from my mouth as I begin to gag. You pull me up the length of you so that I can straddle you and sink down onto your hardness. I ride you baby. I ride you hard and fast finding my orgasm quick and fast. My pussy tightens around your cock as my orgasm throbs through me. My pace slows as I spin around on you, never pulling your dick from my wet pussy.

I start riding you cowgirl style. You slip your thumb in my ass as I work my hips on you. A finger joins your thumb in my ass before you are pushing me down and off of you. You kneel behind me and push your dick into my ass. I love how your big cock fills my ass baby! I love how hard you fuck my ass! I love how you pound every single inch of your huge cock into my ass! Yes baby! Fuck me harder!

Your hands squeeze my ass as you fuck me, your dick so hard as you go balls deep. You pull out of my ass and tell me to hurry and sit up. You grab my head and I open wide as you cum in my mouth. I swallow every drop of you.

Mmmmmmm, thank you baby! I love our mornings!
Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

4 thoughts on “Under the Covers

  1. Absolutely delicious
    I love that amazing picture of you too, can I share one of myself?
    A nice hard cock perhaps to take you from behind, looks like you are ready in that divine picture 💋 send me an email so I can share

    Liked by 1 person

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