I’ve purposely kept myself across the room from you all night. I want you to see me but not be able to touch me! I want you to see how my rock hard nipples press against my top. I want you to see how the light shines through my skirt when I stand just so, letting you see I don’t have any panties on. I want you to see how other men stare lustfully at me, trying to sly fully adjust their hardening erections.

I love teasing you to the point you are in a frenzy! I love building you up until the depths of my pussy is all you can think about. I love knowing at any moment I’ll tease you to the point that you won’t be able take it anymore! That moment is now.

I’m deep in conversation with a couple when I see you speeding towards me. Before I can slip away, your hands are around my waist, your erection pressing hard through your pants into my ass. You say a quick hello before you pull me away and push me down a dimly lit hallway.

Your need is so great that we don’t even make it all the way down the hall. You stop us midway and press me face first into the wall, make cheek kissing the coolness of the wall. Your hands tremble with excitement as you fumble to get your belt undone. I laugh as it takes you a few tries, your frustration and need to slide your cock into my wet pussy growing by the second.

I hear your pants hit the floor as you free yourself from the boxer briefs that I love so much. Your frantic fingers pull my skirt up and try to push your cock into me but I teasingly move my hips, causing you to miss the hole that you crave so much. You press your body into mine, forcing me to be still, and finally get what you’ve so badly wanted for two days now!

The warmth of my pussy sheaths your shaft as you hold yourself still inside of me. I know what your doing baby! You’ve waited so long and it feels so good that with the next move you’re about to cum! You don’t want to cum. You twist your fingers into my hair and growl at me to not move yet. I laugh again as I move my hips, your gasp letting me know you can’t hold back!

You thrust into me hard and fast once, twice, three times before your body quakes with release. You slip out of me as I move to pull my skirt back into place. You tell me that you want to go again in a few moments and again I laugh. I tell you that you’ll have me again when I’m ready for you until then you’ll love the tease!

We step back into the room and I can tell by all of the eyes watching us that that hallway wasn’t as dim as I thought! Our hallway sexcapades have been seen! My thoughts are confirmed when the couple you pulled me away from approaches us again. She tells me that watching us has turned them on and they would love to have a go with us. I look them over, he’s tall, muscular and has the huge hands that I love! I can see the print of his dick pressing against his pants and it looks sizable! She is about my height with huge juicy tits and a deliciously phat ass!

I nod our consent and the four of us make our way back down the not so dimly lit hallway! Again, we make it halfway down before she stops and pulls my top up, freeing my huge tits. Her lips find one of my nipples and starts sucking hard! Her fingers find my pussy and dive deep. The two of you watch as she sucks and finger fucks me, my pussy dripping with each dive of her fingers. My hands find her tits and free them from her top. I move her head away from my tits so that I can suck hers.

Her nipples are so hard, they could cut glass! I suck and bite them, squeezing them in my greedy little hands! I’m about to move to the other nipple when he pulls me to him. His cock is already out and he’s ready! He isn’t as big as you but he will do. With zero effort, he picks me up and slides me down the length of his dick. He has me up against the wall pounding into me when I see you over his shoulder. You have her bent over grabbing her ankles, your cock buried deep inside of her pussy. Your hand smacking her ass as you fuck her.

His lips are on my neck as his shaft sinks deeper and deeper into me, my pussy tightening around him with each thrust. His hand tighten around my ass as he pushes deeper and harder into my wet pussy, the warmth and tightness taking him over. I tighten around him one more time and he explodes! His orgasm ripping from his lips! He slips out of me as my body slides to the floor, my feet finding the hardwood again. Before he has fully stepped away, you are there to bend me over and fill me up again. I notice that she is now riding a new guy, her tits bouncing with each move of her hips.

You push into my ass as I watch her through my legs. She’s bouncing on his dick harder and harder. All he can do is hold on for the ride! Another guy is moving up to her to fill her ass with his huge cock when another steps in front of me, his dick out and swinging with need. My lips easily pull the length of him into my throats as you finally get all of your cock into my ass. You both start fucking me. You both go hard and deep. My orgasm rolls through my body as you both fuck my holes, you both lost in my wetness. I taste his cum as he explodes in my mouth, a second later you fill my ass with your hot jizz.

He steps away, breathing heavily as he zips his pants and gives my tit a departing caress. You slip from my ass as I come to standing. I’m tugging my skirt back into place when I feel a pair of hands on my hips and then a cock pushing into my ass. I look back to see the owner of the property grinning back at me. He’s wanted me for years and now he’s getting his chance! I can feel his dick is way bigger than I imagined as he pushes into my ass! My hands are on the wall, his hands are cupping my jiggling tits as his thick cock plunders my ass. With each stroke he goes deep, touching every inch of me with his shaft.

His fingers squeeze my tits as he rides my ass. His stroke intensifies and his hands tighten around my tits. His strokes are getting faster and deeper, my moans louder and louder. He lets go of one tits to wrap his hand in my hair and pull hard, forcing me to arch my back, letting his cock go deeper in my ass. I cry out as he gives one final deep thrust before he cums deep in my ass, his body collapsing into mine. He gives me every drop before he kisses my neck and steps away, his dick slipping from my ass.

Again, I’m tugging my skirt back into place when another cock is slipping into my ass and a hand has snaked around my throat. He must’ve been waiting a while because his thrusts are frenzied. His breathing in my ear are jagged. His hand tightens around my thrust as he cums, my own orgasm follows with the pressure around my neck. I feel his body shake with the release of his pent up need. His hand sliding from my neck as his cock slips from my ass. He makes his way back down the hall without a word spoken.

This time, I’m able to get my top back on and my skirt back into place. In all of this cock frenzy, I’ve lost sight of you but as I make my way back down the hall I find you thrust fucking a busty beauty.

I leave you to it as I step from the hall and turn to head to the bar when someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn to find a delicious man with his giant cock in his hand. He asks if I can squeeze one more in? I smile and we are back in the hall, him squeezing as much of his huge cock into my ass as he can. I think he’s pushed all the way in when he tells me it’s only the tip! He decides to change up the game plan. He puts his jacket on the floor and moves between my legs, his heavy cock swinging until it finds its way to my wet pussy. He grins as he pushes into me, my thighs widening to open deeper for him. I’m gasping as he pushes into me. It’s so huge! I’m about to tell him I can’t take it when his lips cover mine as his dick pushes deeper into me. His mouth swallows my moans as he starts fucking me. His cock stretching me farther than I’ve ever been stretched. My legs are quaking with orgasm as he pounds his enormous cock into me.

My nails dig into his ass the harder he fucks me. He’s pounding so deep and so hard that my body has orgasm after orgasm rolling though it. He gives one final thrust and he’s exploding inside of me. I can feel his cock throbbing inside of me. He finally moves his mouth from mine as I gasp for air. He’s grinning as he pulls his cock from me, even sated it still looks erect! He stands and then helps me to my feet, my legs feeling like jelly. He gives me his card and tells me he wants to set up an arrangement. He says I’m the first one to be able to take all of him and he wants to make sure we see lots of each other.

He he helps me back to the bar, my legs still quaking with orgasm. I sink onto a stool as he leans down and kisses me as his hand fondles my breasts. He’s walking away when you approach. This has been an amazing night!

smooches xoxo,

Delicious Daydream

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