Package Delivery

Every Thursday Dominic, our delivery guy, makes a special package delivery to me at 3:45. I’m always waiting for him in the copier room. He wheels his big pallet of reams of paper in and maneuvers it just so to block the door. I always make sure I’m wearing an easy access dress with no panties so he can just walk up behind me as I’m making copies.

This is exactly what he’s doing right now. Dominic is behind me and on me in the blink of an eye. Someone is trying the door knob and knocking at the door as he’s pushing inside of me. His hands roughly pull my heaving boobs from the front of my dress. He pinches my nipples as he drives hard inside of me.

His thrusts push me into the copy machine. My hands brace against the glass to keep me upright. There is a chair in the copier room and Dominic moves us to it. My hands finding their familiar spot on the seat as he deep strokes me from behind. The door handle is jiggled again as I struggle to keep my moans quiet.

Dominic pushes into me once, twice, three more times before he’s cumming deep inside of me. My legs shake as he slips from my wet pussy. I’m still throbbing and my nipples are rock hard, I want more!

I have myself put back together by the time Dominic finishes emptying his pallet of paper. He smacks me on the ass as I pass him out the door. All eyes are on us as we exit the copier room and move in separate directions. I can’t wait for my next package delivery!

delicious daydream

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