Naughty little pay pig

You’ve been a naughty, naughty little pay pig! You aren’t keeping me happy pay pig. I granted you permission to spend time with me and you were late. I don’t like to be kept waiting piggie. You need to be punished!

Take off all of your clothes and kneel on the floor, I want to see your huge cock swing. Don’t touch yourself until I give you permission, do you understand bad little piggie? You’re punishment for wasting my time is to watch me pleasure myself. I know how much you’ve wanted to touch me, to suck on my huge tits, to bury your face between my thighs up you don’t get any of that little piggie!

Watch my hands cup and squeeze my big juicy tits. Watch me spread my legs and give you a full view of my wet pussy. Do you want to see my fingers dip inside?? Do you little piggie? I know you do! I’m still mad! Pay me and I’ll think about letting my fingers slip inside of my wet pussy! Hurry up piggie! Don’t keep me waiting again!

That was a very generous payment piggie! I’m less mad now so watch as my fingers find my wet center and plunge in deep. Watch me finger fuck myself piggie. It’s so good! Dont you wish these were your fingers? Your dick? Don’t you wish you could push your huge throbbing cock into my wet pussy little piggie?!? It’s so warm and wet and ready for a cock! Too bad you can’t have it!

Don’t you dare stroke your cock piggie, I’ve not given you permission. You need to beg for permission. What do want little piggie? Beg for it! Do you want me to slide your cock into my mouth and suck you deep into my throat? Or maybe you want to flip me over and pound my tight little ass? Beg for it piggie!

Watch me ride this dildo piggie! Watch my tits bounce as I ride this huge cock! You wish it was you don’t you piggie?!? Touch yourself piggie, show me how much you wish you were fucking me right now. Cum for me little piggie, cum now!

You still have a little making up to do little piggie, don’t keep me waiting!

Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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