Harder and Deeper

I’m on my back, my head hanging off of the edge in my favorite position, your cock pushing harder and deeper into my throat. I’m gagging on you when he drives his thick shaft into my waiting pussy. With my legs spread wide he pounds into me. Harder and deeper he pushes into me. You hold my head so I can’t move my head, my body heaving with the gag. He’s merciless between my thighs as you finally release my head, allowing me to gasp for air.

He slips from between my thighs and you both rearrange us so that as I’m straddling you and sliding down the length of your huge cock, he’s moving behind me to work as much of his huge cock into my tight ass as he can.

You thrust up and into me as he grips my shoulders and pushes deep into my ass. I can feel my ass stretching around him as he holds himself still, giving me a moment to get ready for the pounding he’s about to give me. He starts to move, his body driving me further down onto your cock so that you are deeper inside of me than you’ve ever been. Your thrusts sync up so that you are both fucking me in rhythm. My body arches as you both go harder and deeper. My orgasm is ripping through me when I feel you explode in my pussy.

You slide from under me and he wastes not a second in pushing my face into the bed and pulling my ass into the air. He mounts me and fucks me with everything in him. I’m cumming again and again as he takes my ass harder and deeper. His hands squeeze my ass as he rides me. His breathing ragged as he pounds into me. His dick is so big in my ass all I can do is hold on as another orgasm rolls through me.

He pulls his cock from my ass and tells me to hurry and sit up. I thrust my heaving tits towards him and Covers them with his hot load. You’ve been stroking your cock, watching him fuck me and you are ready again too. You move in and shoot your load all over my tits too!

You both head to your rooms for a shower, leaving me on the bed quivering with pleasure! I love morning quickies!

delicious daydream

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