Yearly Review

It’s time for my yearly review at my job. That time of year when everything you’ve done throughout the year determines how big of a raise your supervisor gives you. Or that’s how it usually goes. My yearly reviews go a little differently!

The director of my department always performs my yearly review instead of my supervisor. My director loves to block out two hours for our meeting in his private office. He always has my favorite champagne and pastries waiting for me. He loves to make me happy!

I stride into his office precisely at my 2:00pm appointment time. I have on a skintight leather dress that zips down the back. My five inch stilettos sink into the plush carpet of his office. I stand in his doorway and let him take the sight of me in, letting him drink every inch of me in with his eyes. I only allow him the pleasure between my thighs when we have a review meeting, this is my third review of the year so far!

I close the door behind me and turn the lock. He stands and pours me a flute of champagne, his cock pushing against his trousers, straining the fabric. I take the chilled glass from him and down my champagne in one long swallow. He loves when I swallow! I give him back my glass for a refill as I take a seat on one of his office chairs.

He brings me my drink, standing directly in front of me. My hand caresses his erection through his pants, my fingers finding his zipper tugging it down to release his monster. His thickness presses it way out of his zipper and into my waiting mouth. I pull him in deep, drawing his gasps of pleasure. I suck him hard and fast, pulling him deeper and deeper into my throat. Faster and faster until he can’t hold back anymore.

He puts my glass down and pulls me to my feet in one move. His mouth finds mine as he kisses me roughly, backing me to his desk. Our motion is stopped when my legs press into the edge of his desk. He spins me around so that my back is to him. He unzips my dress, pulls it from me and tosses it to the side leaving me standing in my heels and thigh high stockings. His lips are on my neck as he unbuckles his belt and lets his pants fall to the floor. He bends me over and pushes deep into my wet pussy. His hands grip my hips as he thrusts hard and deep into me. His hips piston as he fucks me into his desk. His excitement overcomes him and he explodes inside of me. He always finishes quickly the first time!

I start to stand up but he doesn’t pull out of me. I stand and press my back into his chest, his big strong hands cupping my huge tits. He squeezes and rubs my tits as his hands suck in my earlobe, this is my favorite! He pinches my nipples and I start to cum. I feel him start to harden inside of me as he walks me to his office couch. We sink down so that I’m kneeling and he’s behind me, slowing stroking his huge cock in and out of me his hands still working my nipples.

He mounts me and fucks me, this is his favorite! He loves dominating me! He loves slamming his shaft deep into the depths of my tight pussy, making me shake with orgasm. His hand is around my throat, squeezing just enough to make me even wetter!

I know he’s getting close again when he pulls out and flips me into my back. He tosses one of my legs over his shoulder and slides back inside of me. His mouth finds mine again as he strokes long and deep into me. He’s so big that he fills me up completely! Another orgasm rips through me as he keeps the rhythm of his slow stroke going. His mouth leaves mine and finds it way to nipple. He bites just enough to bring another orgasm from me, leaving me completely limp with pleasure.

He gives me a wicked little grin as my entire body relaxes into the plush couch. He knows that I’m putty in his hands. He moves my other leg over his shoulder as he plunges deeper inside of me. Pounding hard and fast into me, deeper and harder. A knock at his door doesn’t stop his cock from pushing deep inside of me nor does it stop him from loudly grunting out his orgasm.

He releases my legs from his shoulders but he stays between my legs, collapsing on top of me. My hands caress his back and head as we drift into satiated sleepiness.

His ringing desk phone wakes us, his hands wandering over my body, his cock stiffening. He’s slipping back inside of me as his assistants voice comes over the intercom, alerting him to his next meeting in 10 minutes. He grunts out an ok as he pounds into me, pushing so deep into me. My back arches as another orgasm rolls through me, his hands gripping my tits and squeezing hard. His orgasm chases mine as he explodes inside of me.

My legs are still shaking with orgasm as he slips out, my fingers finding my clit to bring another orgasm. His fingers dipping into me as my pussy tightens as I cum. I’m gasping for air as my body finally relaxes into the couch, his wicked little smile the first thing I see when I open my eyes.

My entire body is like jelly… I love it! He watches as I slide off the couch and slowly make my way to my dress. I bend over slowly to give him a good view of my ass. I pick my dress up off the floor and slip my arms into it and wait for him to zip me up. I hear his zipper and buckle being fastened as he makes his way to me, his lips kissing my back as he zips me into my dress.

I turn to face him and begin to ask about my review when his kiss swallows my words. It’s so soft that it takes my breath. He tells me he needs a second meeting tonight to go over another area that we didn’t have time for as his hand squeezes my ass.

He tells me he will see me at 6:30 as he opens his office door for me, his assistant disconnecting the intercom connection…she’s been listening in! Her hard nipples pressing against her dress! I toss her a wink as I saunter down the hall and back to my office to grab my purse, I need to get ready for round two of this meeting!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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