I wake up craving you inside of me. Craving you both inside of me. I slide down in between you two, wrapping my hand around one cock while my mouth finds the other. I pull you deep into my mouth, gagging on you before I switch to him. I move back and forth between you two before he pulls me back up and pushes me onto my back, smoothly plunging his huge cock into my wet pussy. He pounds deeply into me as you slip your shaft in my mouth. you both have me filled and I love it!

You both rearrange to so that I’m straddling him, riding his huge cock. I’m pounding down onto it when you straddle me and push your rock hard dick into my tight little ass. I love when you are both inside of me, fucking me, filling up both of my holes.

You our are both in a frenzy to fuck me harder and faster. You dicks slide in and out of me in sweet pleasure! My pussy grips him tighter as I cum. You thrust harder in my ass as you release into me. The moment you slip out of me, he flips me onto my stomach and pounds my pussy until he explodes deep inside of me.

Good morning sunshine! Lets get this day started!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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