Thursday Mornings

Every Thursday morning I meet him in the sauna room after my workout. He is always waiting for me completely nude aside from the towel loosely wrapped around his waist. He never speaks but instead gives me a wicked little smile as he walks towards me.

He lets his towel drop to display his cock at full attention. I pull him into my mouth as his fingers find the wet center of me. His fingers are like magic! Working me until he expertly has me dripping wet with orgasm. I lie back on the bench and he takes his place between my legs, my thighs moving to his shoulders.

He never rushes. He loves to push into me slowly and deeply. He loves that anyone can discover our illicit tryst at any moment! His slow, deep thrusts have my thighs shaking in no time as my body tightens with another orgasm. Slow and deep he continues until I beg him to fuck me faster, he loves when I beg!

He stands me up, bends me over and I grab my ankles waiting for his delicious dick to ravage every inch of my pussy! He doesn’t disappoint. His cock slams into me hard. His hands grip my hips as he fucks me hard and deep just like I like it.

He’s getting close when I see the sauna room door open through our legs and someone steps in. He’s cumming deep in my pussy when our guest steps in front of me and drops his towel. I let go of my ankles and rise up enough to take him in my mouth. He fucks my throat, giving me every inch of his rock hard cock until I gag on it. On his next thrust, he explodes deep into my throat and I swallow every drop.

I sink to my knees to catch my breath as our guest scoops up his towel, making a discreet exit. I never got to see his face! As I’m about to stand someone else enters the sauna room and comes behind me, pulling me to my knees so that I’m in doggy position. Guest number two mounts me and pounds my pussy with long, hard, deep strokes. You stand in front of me and push your reinvigorated cock into my mouth. You both fuck me hard and fast.

Guest number twos thumb slips into my tight ass before it’s quickly replaced by his cock. My mouth widens to scream but is muffled by your cock pushing deeper down my throat. My orgasm rips through me as you both plunge deeper in my holes, the pleasure radiating through me.

You both cum at the same time, grunting out your releases deep inside of my mouth and my ass. I collapse to the floor, rolling onto my back as you both slip out of me. I’m completely spent! All I want is a shower and a nap. I love Thursdays!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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