Stress Release

Hi days are always filled to the brim with work, family, business, commitments and whatever else he can cram into his day. He always has an over abundance of daily life stressors but very few releases for that stress. He plays a little golf to release the stress. Drinks with the boys, catches the game. Those are all good but his favorite stress release is me. More precise, my blowjobs.

All of his tension floats away the moment my lips kiss the tip of his delicious cock. He moans, eyes closing, body relaxing into the pillows as I pull him into my mouth. He hardens in my mouth, the length of him working it’s way to the back of my mouth, down my throat. My fingers find his balls as I begin to bob my head up and down the length of him. Pulling him deeper and deeper with each dip of my head.

I’m on my knees, between his thighs, with my ass up giving me the perfect position to take all of him in my mouth. I go a little faster, my lips wrapped around his cock, pulling him as deep as I can into my mouth, my throat. I pull him all the way into my mouth, his shaft filling my throat. I hold him there as long as I can before I gag on his cock. I start to pull back but he holds my head in place, he loves when I gag! I push back with my hands on his thighs and he finally releases me.

Gasping to catch my breath, my hand strokes his shaft while my tongue tickles his balls. I let my tongue flick over his balls before I pull them into my mouth, my hand working his cock faster and faster.

I feel him tightening and know he is getting close but he isn’t ready. He gets off the bed and has me turn so that my head is hanging off the bed just enough to take him deep in my throat. This is my favorite! As soon as I’m in position, he wastes no time in sliding deep into my mouth. His hips piston as he fucks my face, his cock sliding mercilessly in and out of my mouth, my throat.

I gag repeatedly but he doesn’t stop. His hands grip my huge tits as he pounds into my throat. I push him away to catch my breath and then he’s right back at it! His hands squeeze my nipples hard as he thrusts one more time, releasing his load deep into my throat. I swallow everything and only then does he slip from my mouth, stress released.

Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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