Quick Question

Hi hi! Super quick question for you! Just something that I’m curious about! I’ve been noticing that you like all of my pictures! I love it! I love when you like them and leave the little hearts! I’ve been noticing all your cute little comments! I’ve also noticed all the gifts you send me! Love love!

I love it when you tell me how sexy I am! So my question for you is… do you want to fuck me? When you are looking at my pictures, do you imagine bending me over your couch and slipping off my panties so you can slip your hard cock inside? Or maybe you imagine us driving in your car, your cock in my mouth while you struggle to keep your eyes on the road?!?!

Or perhaps, you imagine burying your shaft in my wet pussy on a deserted aisle in the grocery store. Do you want to fuck me? Would you like it if I pulled my panties to the side and slide down the length of you? Or maybe you want to fuck my mouth? Which one baby? Tell me what you want!

Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to fuck my big juicy tits? Slide your cock right in between them and fuck them hard. Pound your dick in between my tits baby! Yes! I love it!

Do you want to fuck me? Maybe it’s my tight little ass you want to fuck. Do you want to push your thick cock into my tight little ass baby? Give it to me! I want it rough!

Do you want to fuck me? Let me know!
Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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