I’m ready for breakfast. I want you to feed me your dick while I straddle him, his dick thrusting up into my dripping wet pussy. I gag on you as you thrust deeper and deeper into my throat, making me take every inch of you.

You slip out of my mouth and I reposition myself so that he fills every inch of my tight little ass, opening my legs to give you full access to what you love! You dive deeply into my sweet center, pushing until you are balls deep. I use my legs to hover between you two so that you both can thrust into me. You both thrust deep and hard into me, giving every inch of your thick shafts!

My back bows as my orgasm washes through me. My shaking thighs force me to sink down on him, his cock going even deeper into my ass. Your mouth on mine muffles my scream as you pound into me, driving me further down on him. You lose yourself between my thighs as you pound yourself into orgasm. You pull out of me quickly and push your dick deep into my mouth, emptying your hot load deep into my throat.

He moves so that he’s behind me, my face is down and my ass is up, he loves me like this! It gives him full access to my ass. He pushes in deep, mounting me so that he can fuck me hard and deep. My hand grips the sheet as his delicious dick slides in and out of my ass. I love being fucked in my ass! His speed increases and his hands tighten on my hips as his orgasm pulls my name from his lips.

You head to the shower as he collapses beside me, fully satisfied. I want more so I follow you to the shower. Breakfast needs a second course this morning!

Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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