Upside down

I’m waiting for you. I’m on my back with my head hanging over the edge, my mouth open. You know this is my favorite position!

Slide your cock into my mouth. Slide your cock deep into my throat, make me gag on it! I want you to fuck my mouth baby just how I like it! Give it to me baby! Pump your hips, push your cock deeper and deeper into my throat. Hold your hips in place so I can’t move, so that your dick fills my throat! Mmmmmmm I love it baby!

know what else I love? I love it when you fill my throat with your hot cum baby! Give it to me! Cum for me baby! Keep sliding that huge shaft down my throat. Keep letting me suck that huge cock baby! You love how my mouth feels! You love how wet it is! You love how deep you can go! You love watching me play with pussy as you explode deep into my throat!

mmmmmmmmm… I love when’s you fill me up with your hot cum baby! Mmmmmm!

smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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