In the room to find me on my back, legs splayed with my vibrator on my clit. You watch as I bring my second orgasm with the sweet vibrations between my thighs.

You unzip and free your throbbing cock as my fingers dip inside of my wet pussy. My fingers move like lightening inside of my tight pussy. You can hear the wetness from where you stand. You stroke your shaft faster as my hips rock back and forth on my fingers.

You move to me on the bed, pulling me to the edge and flipping me over in one graceful move. Your thick dick pushing into my ass brings my next orgasm. You push hard and deep into you slide balls deep into my tight ass. You don’t hesitate to pound my ass, giving me every inch of your huge cock.

You grip my hips for leverage and jackhammer into me, so hard and deep. My hands twist the sheets as I hold on for the ride. The ride of your giant shaft filling my tight ass up. Your cock feels so good baby. Faster, fuck me faster baby!

Your hands grip my hips tighter as you fuck me even faster. Your heavy breaths come faster as you start to cum inside of me. Your hot cum fills me up and lets your huge cock slide even deeper into me. Your last thrust fills me to overflowing as you collapse on top of me, gasping to catch our breath.

You slide out of me but keep me pinned to the bed with your leg. You tell me that we’ve just gotten started!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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