The tip

Just let me have the tip.

I want to slide my tongue around the tip… just the tip. I want to stroke your shaft while my tongue teases the tip of your hard cock.

You gasp as I pull the tip into my mouth … just the tip. I suck hard on the tip, licking and teasing. You try to push my head down farther but I hold firm on just the shaft. You try to thrust your hips up to push deeper into my mouth but my hand keeps your shaft from pushing into my mouth. Just the tip baby!

I let my tongue circle the tip of your throbbing cock. You are so hard and so ready to fuck but I wont let you have your way. I love teasing you! I love letting my tongue slide over the tip, tickling and teasing you. I want you so worked up that you can’t hold back. I want you in a frenzy! Are you there yet baby? Are you ready to take what you want?

Show me …
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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