The ad

Three days ago I placed an ad in the Casual Encounters section looking for anyone who wants to have sex. The ad specifies that each person will come to my house and walk in. The door will be unlocked. They will take a condom and walk down the hall to the great room where I’ll be waiting nude on my knees with my face in the carpet. Protection is a must. Silence is require. No talking. I don’t want to talk. Once the person has finished, they are to leave immediately.

Today is the day! The door is unlocked, the condom bowl is overflowing and I am on the floor with my naked ass up ready. I’m patiently waiting, wondering how many will walk through the door today when I hear the chime of my front door. Every time the front door opens it gives a tinkling chime.

He opens the door, walks in and shuts the door. I don’t hear his footsteps but I do hear him call out a hello. The rules of my ad specifically say no talking so I don’t respond to his hello call. He finally gets the clue and starts to make his way down the hall, his footsteps echoing. I hear him pause and dig into the condom bowl. His footsteps continue down the hall closer to me.

His footsteps stop at the doorway to the great room. He stands there a moment and then says hi and asks how I am. The no talking rule is still in full effect so I don’t respond. I guess he remembers this and the next sound I hear is his belt unbuckling and his pants hitting the floor. Next is the crinkle of the condom wrapper as he tears it open and a moment as he rolls it down his shaft. I wonder how big he is. I wonder how thick he is. I don’t have to wait long as he kneels behind me and pushes into me.

He is thick. Sooooo thick. I gasp as he pushes into me. He has to pull back and push again because he’s so thick. He is working his huge cock into me as I hear the door chimes, someone else is here and I get a little more wet. The footsteps make their way down the hall as the first one finally gets his cock all the way inside of me and starts pounding. He fucks me hard, not pausing as the second set of footsteps enters the room.

I hear the second set of footsteps undress as the first guy grips my hips and fucks me faster. I can tell he’s getting close as his hips piston into me. One last thrust and his body stills as he cums with his shaft deep inside of me. He pulls out and a second later number two is deep inside of me. His second thrust brings the sound of his grunt and the chimes of the front door.

Footsteps are making their way down the hall as the door chimes again. Before the tinkle of the chimes dies down they chime again. Three more sets of footsteps make their way down the hall and quickly undress. Number two is still fucking me as three, four and five move to us waiting their turn. They are stroking their cocks as number three kneels down and slides his dick into my mouth. He fucks my mouth as number two blows his wad. He pulls out and number four kneels behind me and pushes into my ass.

I choke on the dick in my mouth as my as gets stretched out. Number five slides under me and starts sucking my big juicy tits. He moves his body under me so that I can slide my wet pussy onto his throbbing cock. I am completely full of huge cocks when I hear the door chiming several times. Three, four and five fuck me hard and fast! All three of my holes are so full that its amazing!.

Number 4 goes balls deep in my ass as he screams out his orgasm. He slips out and another cock is immediately inside of my ass. My mouth moves back and forth between two cocks, sucking and licking each one. The dick in my pussy thrusts one last time before he cums and slips out of my dripping wet pussy. It’s only a moment before another cock slides back into me.

I quickly lose track of how many cocks are filling me as the door chimes continuously ring. My holes are never empty for more than a second as hard cock after hard cock fills every one of my willing holes.

It’s evening when I am alone with the last cock. He has me on my back with my legs over his shoulders and he is pounding my pussy for all hes worth. He slams deep into me, stretching me even further. He slips out of my pussy and slide deep into my ass. He’s nice and deep letting my tight ass grip his dick. He fucks me hard and fast before his orgasm takes over him. I feel his dick throb in my ass as he explodes.

He pulls out of me and falls to the side breathing heavily. He begins to speak but I shush him. The no talking rule is still in full effect. He stands and gets dressed, leaving a slip of paper on the table. My legs are like jelly from being fucked all day so I crawl to the couch, climb up and immediately fall asleep. I am blissfully exhausted!

The next morning I wake up sore but happy, get dressed and start cleaning up all of the used condoms. There are so many! I end up at the table where the last guy left the slip of paper. I’m curious as to what it is when I see that its his contact info! He wants to stay in touch. There is a pile of slips of paper and cash. These guys want to stay in touch and have left a little something to treat myself! lol! I love it!

I make my way to the front door, cleaning up as I go. I have to leave this Air B&B like I found it! A girl couldn’t do this at her own home after all! lol!

I’m already thinking about my next free day when I can have another sexy night! Stay tuned!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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