Spank Me

We’re laughing as you walk me backwards into the bedroom. I’m telling you that I’m Team Celibate and sexy time is NOT HAPPENING! You laugh harder and keep backing me into the room.

I laugh as the back of my legs hit the edge of the bed and you turn me around. Thats when I see the belt on the bed. You bend me over the bed and hold me in place as you grab the belt with your other hand. I start squirming and trying to get away as you spank me with the belt. You give me three hard swats as I cry out. You laugh as I keep squirming, you hold me tighter and bring the belt down again. I cry out in pleasure as you give me three more. It hurts so good.

You step directly behind me and push you hardness into my ass. You are rock hard and ready. You keep one hand pressed to the back of my back so I cant get away as your other hand tugs at my pants. I tell you it’s not happening and you laugh again as your hand moves faster, working my pants down.

You get my pants down just enough and you tug your shorts off quickly, pushing into me in one motion. You keep me pressed down as you pound into me, fucking me hard, grunting your pleasure with each thrust. You thrust into me deeper and deeper, pounding faster and faster. My legs start to shake with orgasm as your shaft fills me.

You press down harder as you get closer. You pound harder and faster as you get closer and closer. Your orgasm tears through you on a loud grunt as you collapse on top of me, my pussy filled to overflowing with your hot cum.

You are breathing heavy in my ear as you start to move your hips. You are still inside of me and I feel you getting hard again. You whisper in my ear that round two is about to happen. You laugh as you hips begin to move.

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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