See Through

I love our date nights! I love when you take me out and we get to spend the night laughing and enjoying our night out! I love getting all dressed up for you!

I hope you love my outfit tonight! I know how you love it when I wear something sexy. Do you like how my skirt clings to my hips? Do you love how my top is just sheer enough that you can see my nipples? Do you love how my big juicy tits jiggle every time I reach for my wine glass? Do you love how they press against the table each time I lean forward, wishing they were pressing against you?

Sitting there, across from me, are you thinking about how my hard nipples will fill in your mouth when we get home? Are you thinking about how you want to bite them? Suck them? Lick them? I want your mouth on them.

I want your mouth on my tits and your hands all over me. Lets eat faster, I need you inside of me!

Smooches! xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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