Rock hard

My nipples are rock hard pressing against my tight t-shirt, straining to be set free. Your watch as I pinch them through my t-shirt, making them harder. Your watch as my hands cup my big, juicy tits and squeeze them. You watch as I rub, stroke and squeeze my tits.

You watch as I straddle the stool at the kitchen counter, my ass hanging off of the stool, waiting for you. You watch as I lube my fingers up and slide them over the tight little opening to my ass. My fingers tease the opening before sliding inside to make it all slipper for you. You watch as my fingers stroke in and out of my little opening. First one, then two fingers disappear into my ass. You like that baby? You want to slide your cock into my little opening? You want to stretch it out with that monster dick of yours? Give it to me baby, let me have it!

You squeeze lube on your dick and stroke it. You stroke that huge cock until its shiny and covered in lube. You are so slippery that you can’t get it in on the first push. You put the head back and push into me. You get the head in before you have to pull out and push in harder. I’m so tight that you cant fit. You’re too big baby, I can’t take all of you!

You push in again, going a little deeper but still not all the way. You grip the stool tightly and drive in harder. You start to thrust your hips, each thrust taking you a little deeper. Faster you thrust as my ass opens up for you. Harder you thrust into me, deep inside you are going. You bite my shoulder as you keep thrusting, deeper and deeper into my ass. Surely, you’ve pushed all the way in but your keep doing deeper.

One more thrust and you are finally balls deep in my ass. You really start to pound now. You hear nothing I say as you pound every single inch of your shaft into my ass. Yes baby, give me all of that dick. I love your dick baby!

Your pace quickens and I know you are close. Your hands come up to roughly cup my bouncing tits as you start to cum in my ass. Your body tightens as you explode deep in my ass, filling me with your hot cum.

You don’t pull out until you have filled me completely. You kiss me and pinch my nipples before you head to the shower. I think I’ll join you, I love giving blow jobs in the shower!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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