You lie on the floor so that I can ride your dick. Your dick is deep in my ass, riding you, pounding you into me. They stand on each side of you, their rock hard cocks in each of my hands. I stroke them in time with my thrusts down onto your dick.

You fill me up so good baby! Your huge cock fills my tight little ass up so good! He moves between my legs so that he can fill my pussy with his thickness. I’m so full with you in my ass and him in my pussy. Your other friend moves so that he I can pull him into my mouth.

He fucks my throat as you both fuck me… hard. His pounding into me presses me my ass down onto your dick. My big juicy tits bounce as he pounds into my wet pussy. He’s so deep inside of me. I can feel you both baby… so much cock inside of me.

He squeezes my tit hard as he fucks me, telling my how good my pussy is. How he loves how I tighten around him. Your other friend keeps throat fucking me, pounding deep into my throat making me take the length of him. Your cock is firmly in my ass, stretching me out.

Your friend in my mouth holds me down on his cock as he begins to cum, exploding deep into the back of my throat. I swallow every drop of him, wasting nothing.

He strokes faster in my pussy as his orgasm takes over him. He screams my name as he cums deep, deep in my pussy. As soon as he pulls out you turn my over and jackhammer my ass. You pound your huge, fat cock into my ass. Your whole body clenches as you too release inside of me, deep inside of my ass.

I am completely filled with cum… what an amazing start to a great day!
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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