Pull it Out

We’re leaving dinner and I am super tipsy! Before we even leave the parking lot, I have my seat belt back off and I am all over you. Kissing you neck, biting your ears and getting sliding my hands up your shirt.

You laugh and tell me you have to drive but you don’t stop me. I let my hands wander down to your belt buckle and start to free you as I nibble on your neck. I get your belt unbuckled and your pants unzipped and free your throbbing hardness. It’s so big and I can’t wait to have it!

I pull you into my mouth, sucking and licking you like a lollipop! I bob up and down on you, pulling you as deep as I can with the steering wheel in the way. I pull you as deep into my mouth as I can and the car drifts a bit as you start to lose yourself in the warmth of my mouth.

I bob faster and faster on your shaft, licking and sucking. You drive faster, rushing to get home before you explode. You try to slow my pace, but I move faster. You pull into the driveway and let your seat back so that I can pull you all the way into my mouth.

You pull me on top of you, sliding my panties to the side so that I can sink down onto you. With three hard thrusts you explode into me.

I kiss you hard and tell you to hurry inside so that we can start round two! I want more!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Dayream

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