On the Couch

You are sitting in your favorite comfy chair with your favorite drink resting on the arm of the chair. He is sitting on the couch, watching me as I bend over, sliding my panties to the floor.

You watch as I straddle him, grinding my hips into his, teasing him. He tries to push into me but I keep my hips moving so that he can’t get a good grip. I laugh as I feel his frustration building, he wants to fuck but I’m not ready yet! I kiss his neck and bite his earlobe, sucking it, nibbling it. I kiss him, pulling his lip into my mouth, sucking until he groans.

I’m not done teasing him, I want him in a frenzy for me. I put the tip of his hardness at my opening, only letting the head slide in. He tries to push up into me but I move my hips away, controlling how far he can go. I keep the head just at the opening, sliding up and down just a little bit, giving him just a little of my delicious wetness.

He’s done with my teasing! The frenzy that I wanted is here! He grip my hips to keep them still and thrusts deeply into me. His huge shaft is buried deep inside of me! He thrusts his hip into me, balls deep!

He flips me over onto the couch to get better leverage. I’m on my back with my legs over his shoulders and he doesn’t hesitate to take what he’s wanted. You watch as he pounds into me. You stroke your shaft as he long strokes into me, filling me up with every inch of his huge cock.

I watch you stroke your cock as he fucks me. His strokes are so hard and fast that all I can do is hold on for the ride. His hips are like magic as they stroke into me. His dick is so big and thick that I gasp on every stroke. His dick is so delicious that I can barely focus on you.

You increase the speed of your stroke the faster he strokes inside of me. You love watching me get fucked. Love seeing another man inside of me, pounding into my tight pussy. You love watching another man pleasure me.

He pulls out of me and puts me on my knees, one of my favorite positions! He pushes my head into the couch so that my ass is up for him. He slides into my pussy from behind, mounting me, pushing himself deep into me.

Hard, fast and deep is how he likes to fuck me. This is what you like to see. He fucks me so hard that all I can do is let the orgasm slam into me. My whole body shakes as he continues to ride me. My pussy grips his dicks as the orgasm rolls through me. He grips my hips faster as he begins to cum. His pounding gets faster as he cums in my pussy, deep inside of my pussy.

He slips out of me as you walk to the couch. You push me to the floor and push your dick into my mouth. You explode into my throat, pushing into my throat until you’re completely empty. I swallow every drop of you. Thank you baby!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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