I walk into your office, close the door, shut the blinds and almost lock the door. I change my mind about locking it. Being caught makes me wet.

I walk to your desk, dropping my coat on the way, letting you see my naked body. My juicy tits bounce as I strut to your desk. I climb on your desk, legs spread in front of you as you try to end your phone call. I pull you to your feet by your tie and start to unbuckle your pants. You slam the phone down and grab me, kissing me hard.

I free your throbbing cock from your pants and you waste no time in pushing deep into me. I lean back so you can pull my nipple into your mouth as you fuck me hard on your desk. You pound into me fast, knowing anyone could walk in at any minute. Faster daddy… fuck me harder and faster.

You bite my nipples as your huge dicks fills me up. Oooooohhh you’re so big that I can barely take you. Just when I’m about to lose myself in the moment, you pull out, pull me off of the desk and turn me around. You bend me over your desk and spread my legs. Before I can catch my breath, you start pushing into my ass. I gasp as you push deeper into me. I turn to try to push you back but you push me down onto your desk and lean into me, pushing your cock into my ass.

On your next push you are almost completely in my ass. You start to thrust, fucking my tight little ass and I start to cum. My body shakes as you huge shaft opens my ass, letting you go deeper and deeper. You wind your hand through my hair and pull hard as your dick goes even deeper.

Someone knocks on your door as you pound into my ass. You ignore the door and jackhammer into my ass. You are lost in my tightness. You pound harder and faster as a second knock comes at your door. Faster you go, grunting with each thrust.

Your hand tightens in my hair as your begin to cum. Your orgasm rips through you on your last thrust. You fill my ass to overflowing with your cum! You collapse on top of me as your hips slow and finally stop. You are gasping, trying to catch your breath as your satiated dick rests in my full ass.

You slide out of me and fall back into your office chair as I stand and clean myself up. I kiss you and start walking to pick up my coat from the floor when your office door opens. Your business partner stands in the doorway watching my naked body move to pick up my coat. He steps inside and closes the door.

Round two?

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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