In between…

I want you in between my big, juicy tits. I want you to oil my tits up, make them all shiny and slippery. Rub the oil into them, slide your hands all over them. I love how your big hands feel on my huge tits. I love how your fingers slide over my rock hard nipples.

I love how hard my oily tits make you! You are so hard that I can see you bulging through your pants. Let me unzip you and free you so I can have you! Freed from your pants, your cock leaps forward begging to be touched. I let the tip of my tongue circle your head. You gasp and let your head fall back in pleasure as my tongue teases you.

I move forward, sitting on the edge of the bed so that I can pull your shaft into between my huge tits. I wrap my slippery tits around your rock hard cock and you begin to move your hips. You slide up and down, gliding smoothly between my warm boobs. I dip my head down so that my tongue licked you with each upward thrust.

You groan with desire as I tighten my boobs around you and begin to quicken your pace. You slip your hands into my hair to pull my head back, tilting my head back so you can kiss me as your hips move faster and faster. You keep my head tilted back so you can watch me face as you piston between my super slippery tits. Your breath is coming in pants as you slide faster and faster between my big, juicy tits.

You grip my hair tighter as you explode, covering my chin and tits in your hot cum. You step back as you watch me rub load into my oily tits. Mmmmmm… thank you baby!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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