I Want…

I want you in between my big, juicy tits! Oil my tits for me baby! Squeeze the oil all over there and make them all slippery! I want to squeeze my oily tits around your hard cock. I want you to straddle me as I lie on the bed and fuck my tits.

I love it when I’m on my back and you slide your huge shaft in between my slippery tits. You grip the headboard as your hips move faster and faster. Watching you fuck my tits makes me so wet baby! I love watching you slide between my huge boobs. Yes baby, go faster! Faster please baby! Give it to me!

You breathe heavily as you get closer. Your breath comes quickly as you slide faster and faster. Your hands tighten on the headboard as you cum, shooting your hot cum in between my tits!

I pull your hips towards my face so that I can suck you dry. I want every last drop of you. I want to suck you until you’re hard again. I want you inside of me. Get ready for round two baby!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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