How do you want me?

How do you want me baby? What’s your favorite?

Do you want me on my back, open for you to slide right in? Maybe my legs pulled back, you pushing my thighs even wider so you can go deeper? Or maybe you want my knees pushed up to my ears so you can go sooooooo deep???

Or, maybe you want me on my knees, doggy style? You can spank my ass while you long stroke that delicious dick into me? You me to put my face down so my ass is all the way up for you daddy? Or maybe you like it when my ass is up so you can mount me??? Really drive that cock into me??

Or perhaps, you like it when I’m standing and bend all the way over, touching my toes giving you a view of everything that you crave. Maybe you want me to grab my ankles while you slide deep into me. Do want that baby? Do you want to pound deep into my pussy? Want to slide your finger into my ass? Want to cum deep in my wet pussy?

How do you want me baby?

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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