Honey, I’m home!

I walk in the door to the smell of a delicious dinner cooking! I step into the kitchen and you both greet me with a kiss and a chilled glass of wine. He takes my bag as you kiss me deeper, pushing against me so that I can feel how hard you are. He steps up behind me and presses into me from behind, rock hard.

You take me wine and place it on the counter as he walks me to the couch, removing my shirt as we go. Once the buttons on my shirt are undone, my huge tits pop out. I never wear a bra just for this reason! I always want them to be readily available!

You sit on the couch and I straddle you, my skirt riding up as I slide down on your dick. He stands on the couch so that I can suck his cock while I ride yours. I time my sucking to my bouncing up and down on your hard cock. Up and down, my tits bouncing in your face.

He steps down and around behind me so that he can fuck me too. He starts to side his huge dick into my dripping wet pussy too. Two dicks are in my pussy!! I’m being stretched soooo wide, I cant take it but he keeps pushing in. I’m so tight that he pops out on his next thrust. He immediately moves up a bit and rams into my ass. I cry out with the pleasurable pain as his thrusts press me into you. You thrusting up into me.

He moves back and pulls me up and off of you. You pick me up and slide your shaft back into my pussy and he slides back into my ass. You both have be suspended in the air with your dicks, filling me completely. I hold on for the ride as you both pound into me.

Your tandem pumping brings me to orgasm, my legs shaking uncontrollably. You both let one of my legs down so that I am balanced on one foot as you both continue to pound into me. Faster and faster you both go, pushing your huge meat deep into my tight little holes. You squeeze my tits as you start to cum in my pussy. I can fill your huge cock throb with the release. You fill me up and the release me, slipping out of me.

He lies me on the couch and dives back into my ass. His hips jackhammer into me as he gets closer to orgasm. My tits bounce with each of his hard thrusts. He grunts out on his last thrust as his hot load fills my ass. He collapses beside me, spent.

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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