Home from Work

I get home from work and see your car in the driveway along with your work bestie Anthony’s car. You and Anthony are always hanging out.

I walk inside and find you guys settled in the dining area watching the game and snacking on pizza, my favorite! I walk to your end of the table and bend over to give you a kiss, my dress riding up just a bit. As I turn around to grab a slice I notice Anthony staring at my ass before I have a chance to pull my dress down fully. His eyes don’t leave my ass as I lean over the table to get my slice. I ask Anthony how his day has been and he says its been good but now its even better now that I’m here.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Anthony standing and moving toward me. I guess that he’s moving to get more pizza but I guess wrong. He takes my plate from my hand, places it on the table and pulls me to the section of the table not covered with food. He picks me up and sits me on the table, my dress riding all the way up exposing my nude pussy underneath.

I look towards you to see if you are ok with this. You are relaxed into your chair with your beer so I guess you don’t mind your work bestie having his way with me! Anthony turns my face to him and kisses me deeply. He pulls back and tells me that he’s wanted me ever since he first met me. He tells me that the moment I walk into a room his cock goes rock hard. He takes a step back to prove this to me.

Anthony unzips his pants and his monster cock falls out, standing at attention. Its pointing directly at me like its trying to make its way to me! Anthony steps back to me, pulls my ass to the edge of the table and immediately pushes his huge cock into me. He’s so damn big! I lie back on the table, he grips my thighs and pushes into me, pushing deep into me. He’s so big that I’m already starting to cum! An orgasm rolls through me as he pumps that huge cock into me!

I reach down to stroke his dick as he pushes into me and realize that he hasn’t gotten all of that monster cock inside of me! He is only halfway inside of me! He laughs as he sees my eyes widen with this realization and he fucks me harder! The table shakes with each of his hard thrusts, making my pussy wetter and allowing him to go even deeper.

I feel your hands on my tits as Anthony continues to fuck me with his long, hard, deep thrusts. You squeeze my tits through my dress, tweaking my nipples hard just like I like. You tell Anthony to take me to the couch so that you can join too!

Anthony sits me up and then picks me up, never pulling his cock out. With each step, I bounce a little on his dick! Anthony lowers us to the couch and I immediately begin riding him. Moving my hips up and down on his cock, riding him! I feel you behind me as you still my hips so that you can slide into my ass. You push your hard cock into my ass as Anthony thrusts up into my dripping wet pussy. I am completely filled with both of your huge cocks!

An orgasm screams through me as you both fuck me hard. My back arches allowing you to fuck my tight ass even deeper and giving Anthony full access to my big juicy tits. He thrusts his cock into my pussy as his mouth works my nipples. You grip my hips tighter as you fuck my tight ass harder. You work your hips faster and faster in my ass as Anthony sucks my nipples harder. You bite my shoulder as you cum in my ass, pressing balls deep until you are completely empty.

You pull out of my ass and Anthony flips me onto my back on the couch. He pushes back inside of me and gives me every single inch of his huge cock deep inside of my wet pussy! He mercilessly slams into me, fucking me deeply. I hold on to his tight ass as he fucks me! Its so damn good!

You turn my head to the side and slide your dick deep into my mouth as Anthony continues to fuck me for all hes worth! Its just a moment before you are fully erect and fucking my mouth when Anthony cums, filling my pussy with his hot load!

Anthony slips out of my pussy and you instantly slide in. Your hand is around my neck as you pound my pussy! I don’t think you’ve ever been this hard! Seeing me take all of that dick has really turned you on! Your hand squeezes tighter around my neck as your slam your cock into my dripping wet pussy.

One more thrust and you explode inside of me! You lean down and bite my nipples and I scream an orgasm! You slip out of me and lean back on the couch, catching your breath. My thighs are still quaking with orgasm, my nipples still rock hard.

Anthony walks back into the room with water for everyone. I’m greedily drinking my water when I notice his huge cock is rock hard again. I look up into his face to find him grinning at me! He winks and tells me I have five minutes before he’s going to have his way with me!

I gulp! My pussy is throbbing for more! Come and get it baby!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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