I’m on my back with my ass at the edge of the bed so that you can stand between my open thighs. Your hands tighten around my neck as your huge shaft slides deep into me. You don’t waste anytime to fuck me…hard!

Your hands grip my neck as you pound into me. I love your hands on my neck. I love it when you squeeze just enough to make me gasp! Your big hands tight around my neck makes me so wet baby! Squeeze tighter! Squeeze harder baby!

Each thrust of your hips is hard, deep and fast. My big, juicy tits jiggle with each of your hard thrusts. Baby your are so big in my tight pussy. You take one of your hands from my neck and squeeze my tit. Your fingers move to my nipple and squeeze so hard that I cry out. My pleasurable pain only fuels your lust and you push deeper and harder.

You pull my legs onto your shoulders and lean fully into me, going even deeper. You are so deep baby, all I can do is hold on for the ride. You push so hard and deep, I love your big dick so much baby! Fuck me harder, give it to me!

You drop my legs from your shoulders, slide your big shaft from my soaking wet pussy and turn me over so that you can take me from behind. You are back inside of me before I blink, your hands on my hips pulling me back into you, pounding that cock into me. Pound that cock into me baby, I love it deep baby!

You let one of your hands wander over so that you can slide a thumb into my ass, your other hands twists into my hair so that I arch my back for you! You love fucking me don’t you baby? You love pounding that huge cock into my wet pussy! You love the feel of my tight ass around you thumb baby! Harder baby, fuck me harder!

Out comes your thumb and in goes one and then two fingers into my ass. You want to put your cock into my ass don’t you baby?!?!? You want to push that huge cock into my tight little ass??? You want to slide the length of your hard shaft into my tight ass baby?? Do it!

You pull out of my wet pussy and push into my ass. I’m so tight that my ass grips your dick. You try to push in deeper but I’m so tight you are only able to go in just a little. You thrust again and I open a little so that you can bury deeper in my ass! I’m so tight that you can hold your orgasm back! You aren’t ready but the tightness pulls it from you! You start to quickly thrust to get in as many thrusts as you can before you explode!

One, two, three thrusts in my ass and you cum, filling me with your hot cum! Thank you baby!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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