Good morning

I love when I wake up with you inside of me! I love to wake to you pushing deep inside of me, getting my morning off to a delicious start!

I love quick, fast morning sex! Its one of my favorite things baby! I love your warm body over mine, sliding in and out, your hands gripping my ass as my legs wrap around you. Missionary in the morning, slow and deep, so deep!

Your mouth moves down to my nipple and you suck as you drive deep into me. Slow and deep. Your deep and steady rhythm has my orgasm building deep within me. Its rolling through me as you keep stroking. My entire body tightens as my pleasure rolls through me, forcing me to clench my walls tighter pulling you deeper into me.

My tightening brings your orgasm and you explode deep inside of me, collapsing on top of me before you roll to the side, slipping from inside of me. You pull me into you and snuggle me until the alarm goes off.

Good morning baby!
Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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