I’m in the mood to gag on your big cock! I want to pull your hard shaft out of your pants and stroke it with both of my hands while I suck the tip. I want to run my tongue around the tip, flicking and sucking you.

I want to pull the length of you into my mouth and back into my throat. I want to pull you in so deep until I gag on you! I want to work my mouth up and down your shaft, pulling you a little deeper into my throat with each stroke of my mouth. My hands squeeze your ass as I bob up and down on your dick, sucking you harder and faster.

I want you to hold my head in place as you fuck my mouth. Hold my head so that I cant run from your thrusts. I gag as your cock continuously slides down my throat. I try to pull away but you keep me in place while your dick slides in and out of my throat.

You pull your cock from my mouth and I gasp for air, my pussy dripping wet. On my next gasp your dick is back in my mouth and your hips work feverishly as you start to climax. You pound into the back of my throat, hips moving lighting quick! You push even deeper into the back of my throat as you cum. Your hot load sliding down my throat. You hold my face pressed into you, your cock down my throat, until you fully empty into the back of my throat.

Once you are ready, you pull yourself from my mouth and pull me to my feet, spin me around and bend me over the couch. You pull my dress up and my panties down and slide my panties to the side so that you can slide your fingers inside of my wet pussy. You finger fuck me until I am panting out my first orgasm.

Before I can stand up you are sliding your cock into me! You are hard again! Yes baby! You pound my wet pussy hard! You wind your fingers through my hair and force me to arch my back as you fuck me hard into the arm of the couch. Harder you pound as my pussy drips. I’m so wet all I can hear is the sound of your hard cock pounding into my pussy and your heavy grunts with each thrust.

Your hand tightens in my hair as you start to cum. You grunt out your orgasm as you explode deep in my pussy! You collapse on top of me, your cock still in my pussy as my orgasm washes over me. I think we are done when you start to move your hips again. You whisper that you still want to fuck me in the ass as I feel you get hard inside of me! I whisper back that I’m ready baby as you slip out of my pussy and push into my ass!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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